World Cup Ref Petition Calls Hits

Outrage following a controversial disallowed goal during Bosnia-Herzegovina’s World Cup match against Nigeria has resulted in a petition.

The play in question happened in the 21st minute when referees waved off an Edin Dzeko strike that would’ve put Bosnia ahead 1-0. Replays confirmed that the refs were terribly, terribly wrong.

Bosnia never recovered from the botched call, ended up falling to Nigeria, 1-0, and was eliminated from the tournament.

After a picture of a referee Peter O’Leary jovially speaking with Nigerian keeper Vincent Enyeama started circulating the web, petitioners hit Their intent: to have the match’s score overturned and O’Leary removed from the World Cup.

Below is the verbatim request from

The most of people that watched Bosnia-Herzegovina saw goal scored by Edin Dzeko in 20′ minute. The goal was denied because of refferee’s command and Bosnia-Herzegovina lost 1:0 vs Nigeria. The goal scored by Nigeria had to be denied because the assistent of the goal made foul and the refferee didn’t replied to the foul. We want, The most of the people that watch football to change system of refferees and to change result to 1:1 because the goal was denied, also try to hire professional refferees in World Cup 2014. Over 1 billion viewers saw the goal was denied by Edin Dzeko in 20′ minute. We hope FIFA will change some details and change result as well.

Here is a look at the now-closed petition that registered 23,051 signatures.

world cup petition

FIFA has given a brusque response to the claims of impropriety, telling The Independent:

“We are aware of the photo. The interpretations of this photo that we’ve seen are baseless.

“We have 100% confidence in the referee team and fully trust their commitment to protect the integrity of the game.”