World Cup history: Soccer ball used in every tournament since 1930

One of the things that intrigues us most here at Gamedayr is the history of sports – where they developed, what marks they have left throughout the course of time, and where they are going next. Outside of the Olympics, there is nothing more steeped in tradition than the World Cup.

Every four years, 32 of the world’s best futbol (soccer, if you’re American) teams descend upon a location in a tournament that has worldwide bragging rights on the line. One of the most important aspects of each World Cup is the ball put on display by the best feet the game has to offer.

In anticipation of the upcoming 2014 World Cup, Redditor epicnesshunter shared the history of every ball used since 1930 (the first year of the tournament). There have been a total of 20 tournaments, including 2014, and some have featured more than one ball. Following is a walk through the history of the sport’s most iconic orbs.

1930 World Cup: Tiento

1930 world cup ball

1930 World Cup: T-Model

1930 world cup t model ball

1934 World Cup: Federale 102

1934 world cup ball

1938 World Cup: Allen

1938 world cup ball

1950 World Cup: Super Duplo T

1950 world cup ball

1954 World Cup: Swiss World Champion

1954 world cup ball

1958 World Cup: Top Star

1958 world cup ball

1962 World Cup: MR Crack Final

1962 world cup ball final

1962 World Cup: MR Crack

1962 world cup ball

1966 World Cup: Challenge 4-star

1966 world cup ball

1970 World Cup: Telstar

1970 world cup ball

1974 World Cup: Telstar Durlast

1974 world cup ball telstar

1974 World Cup: Apollo Durlast

1974 world cup ball apollo

1974 World Cup: Chile Durlast

1974 world cup ball chile

1978 World Cup: Tango Durlast

1978 world cup ball

1982 World Cup: Tango Espana

1982 world cup ball

1986 World Cup: Azteca Mexico

1986 world cup ball

1990 World Cup: Etrusco Unico

1990 world cup ball

1994 World Cup Questra

1994 world cup ball

1998 World Cup: EQT Tricolore

1998 world cup ball

2002 World Cup: Fevernova

2002 world cup ball

2006 World Cup: Teamgeist Final

2006 world cup ball final

2006 World Cup: Teamgeist

2006 world cup ball

2010 World Cup: Jo’bulani

2010 world cup ball jobulani

2010 World Cup: Jabulani

2010 world cup ball jabulani

2014 World Cup: Brazuca

2014 world cup ball brazuca

[Images via imgur]