Wyoming students chant ‘alcoholic’ at Colorado State coach Larry Eustachy

Larry Eustachy and the Rams quitted the trash-talkers on Wednesday night. (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sport)

Larry Eustachy and the Rams quieted the trash-talkers on Wednesday night. (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sport)

Wyoming students took trash-talking to a new level on Wednesday night when Colorado State came to town. The Rams head coach, Larry Eustachy, has a deep history of alcoholism and despite his well-documented effort to ditch the disease — April will mark 10 years of sobriety — students dug deep, chanting “alcoholic.”

A little backstory on the trash-talk, Eustachy was the head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes before being fired following the surfacing of photos of him drinking with undergraduates. He then headed to Southern Miss for eight years before being hired by Colorado State.

While students digging up the deepest dirt on opposing teams and using them as ammunition during games is generally par for the course, there’s a couple of things wrong with Wyoming’s go-to.

First, it’s about ten years too late.

Second, alcoholism is one of the things that is not a laughing matter.

Wyoming lost the game 78-56, which probably serves the Cowboys fans right.

h/t USA Today

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  • Sandy

    Glad Colorado State won! Wyoming students need a little education about alcoholism and having a little class!

  • Frodo

    he coached at Iowa State

  • stdspl

    He was the coach of Iowa State Cyclones. Nice fact checking on the story…. not

  • dunner

    Iowa State Cyclone coach, not Hawkeyes.

  • elizabeda777

    WOW I am now sooooooo impressed with Wyoming- NOT
    I work in a rehab, and there’s nothing remotely ‘cool’ about what Wyoming did, in fact I’m all for giving the man a High-Five for having a 10 year sobriety date!!! you go Coach!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.strum Ryan Strum

    How did this get posted with such a huge error? “He was the head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes”

  • http://twitter.com/gowyo12234 gowyo

    But a bunch of CSU students coming and sitting in the middle of the WYO student section with derogatory signs is classy right? Give me a break the Rams wouldnt know classy if it hit them in the face! If he was or is an alcoholic then they are just calling it as they see it! Sometimes the truth hurts but its still the truth. Perhaps they didnt need to chant that but lets not act like CSU doesnt do the exact same things. It sucks to be a CSU Ram always has and always will!

  • Friend of Bill’s

    I wonder if any of those chanting students will remember the night they chanted at a man that has kept a disease at bay for 10 yrs when they are at their lowest if the disease of alcholism effects them or a loved one. Probably not but they will when they see how tough the diisease of alcholoism can be. Congrats Coach on 10 years sobriety!

  • vancemeyer

    When u r going nowhere in basketball u got to do something. To call them poor sports would be an understatement. They r poor citizens to do something like that.

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  • http://twitter.com/gowyo12234 gowyo

    Such hipocrits! Its okay for you to say the wyoming students are poor citizens but not okay for them to point out that Eustachy is an alocholic. Lets be real all college student sections do similar cheers Wyoming didnt start something new this week!

  • wormy47

    That is about as tasteless and immature conduct that I could imagine.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mbnemmers Mike Nemmers

    Coach Eustachy was one of the best basketball coaches the Iowa State Cyclones have had. It is impressive how he has fought off his demons and deserves respect for that, not demonized. You Go Coach!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.marden1 Carol Marden

    Low, low rent. Bad karma for all who are so evil!