Rumor mill: Is Gene Chizik officially on his way out of Auburn?

After winning the BCS National Championship only two short years ago in 2010, the Gene Chizik era with the Auburn Tigers may be coming to an end.

Of course, War Eagle Nation has been clamoring for this move to be made for several week now. Auburn brass, however, has been reluctant to release someone who so recently won it all for a school that is desperate to, well, win it all.

It may have only taken one win, one measley conference win, to save Chizik’s job. That just does not seem possible now, especially with his team’s two remaining SEC games coming against No. 5 Georgia and No. 1 Alabama.

Thus, word has leaked that Auburn president Jay Gogue has put in motion plans to release Chizik, despite the $7.5 million still owed to him.

The potential for a miracle win is presumably the only reason the move has not already been made, but athletic director Jay Jacobs will be retained and associate AD Tim Jackson will also remain with the school in some capacity.

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