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The Best Back Brace for Sciatica Reviewed (Buyer’s Guide)

Sciatica is a weakness, pain, or numbness that is felt in the path passed by the sciatic nerve in the legs. Sciatica presents a ton of symptoms including pain in the back, pain in the buttocks, in the knee, thigh, and calf. The sciatic nerve has its root in the lower back. Because of this, when there is an issue with that particular nerve, pain is felt in the lower back.

Have you had to cope with pain in your back for a long time? If yes, you just might be dealing with sciatica. While the knowledge of dealing with sciatica can cause a lot of worries, you can rely on a back brace to bring some relief to the pain you feel in your back. 

There are various ways to deal with this condition such as purchasing a back brace specifically for sciatica. In this article, you can go a long way to relieve you of the pain you feel in your back. Read on to discover what some of the best back braces for sciatica are.




ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace


Mueller Lumbar Support Back Brace


BODYMATE Compression Brace for Hip

Best Back Brace for Sciatica

#1 Best choice: ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace CM-102M with Removable Lumbar Pad

If you believe that a back brace for sciatica will limit your daily movements, then, you should try out the ComfyMed premium quality back brace. When worn, this back brace will not only bring relief to your back, and will still allow you to take part in activities such as golfing, fishing, heavy lifting, as well as other activities you can think of!




#2 Top Performance: Mueller Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad, Black, Regular (28”- 50” waist)

This brace can always be trusted to offer you the right support without any form of discomfort. It is sturdy, very comfortable, and can be put on effortlessly. Although it is a premium back brace, it is not pricey.




#3 Can’t Count it Out: BODYMATE Compression Brace for Hip, Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief Thigh Hamstring, Quadriceps, Joints, Arthritis, Groin Wrap for

This back brace is ideal for people who are just recovering from sciatica. The back brace can also be used by people dealing with hamstring, quad, groin, or hip injury.




Other Back Braces for Sciatica

#4 ARRIS Ice Pack for Lower Back Pain Relief

This back brace features an ice pack which goes a long way to bring rapid relief to pain in the back. Although famous for treating back pain caused by the sciatic nerve, it can also be used in treating scoliosis. 

#5 Hip Brace – Groin Support for Sciatica Pain Relief

This back brace also doubles as a thigh brace. Men and women can comfortably use it. It is made from breathable neoprene, making it quite comfortable for the wearer. Although lightweight, you can always depend on this back brace to provide exceptional support for your back.

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#6 AVESTON Back support Lower Back Brace

With this back brace, you don’t have to depend on drugs to treat sciatica. Once worn, the back brace can provide the right support, which will help you get rapid relief from your back pain. The brace follows the contour of your back making it comfortable for use.

#7 NeoTech care Adjustable Double Pull Lumbar Brace/ Lower Back Belt

Neotech does not just provide relief from pain for those suffering from sciatica, but can also be worn by people taking part in strenuous activities and are looking to prevent any injury to their back. For this reason, you can always wear it at the gym.

#8 Lower Back Brace by FlexGuard Support

This back brace can be used in bringing relief to simple back injuries and very severe back injuries. Although it appears very regular, Lower Back brace by FlexGuard Support is different from the typical back brace. It provides ample support and has a high level of convenience.

#9 AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt can be used in treating back pain caused by scoliosis, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica. It features an adjustable lumbar pad. It can provide the stability you need when dealing with pain in the back. 

#10 Back Brace by Sparthos

When looking to buy this back brace, you are not limited to one universal size. It comes with three dimensions. Therefore, all you need to do is select the size that is most suitable for you.

You can get ample support from this back brace without having to worry about any interference in your movement.

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Buyers’ Guide

When purchasing a back brace for sciatica, there are lots of things you have to consider if you must make the right choice

Below are some factors you must consider when buying a back brace for sciatica:

Quality of the Material

Always look out for the quality of material a back brace is made from before purchasing it. You will get the most value for your money if you buy a back brace that is made from an elastic material.

In addition, always pick a back brace that can be washed over one that comes with a material that is difficult to clean.


When you are trying to get relief from sciatica, the place of comfort cannot be overemphasized. Sciatica causes a lot of pain and discomfort. You, therefore, will be doing yourself a lot of harm if you purchase a back brace that is not comfortable.

All things equal, you will have your back brace on throughout the day. This implies that you must always buy a brace that allows you to go on with your activities for the day without any form of inconvenience

Since people are of different sizes, you should not assume that you’ll have the same comfort as someone who is comfortable using a particular back brace. You need to buy one that is big enough to give you room to breathe properly and small enough to provide the support you need.

Consider Adjustability

Although you should always buy a back brace that is perfect for your size when shopping, you should always have in mind that you could gain or lose weight. To get good value for the money you spend in buying a back brace, get a back brace that can be easily adjusted.

Removal Pad

This feature might not be a very vital one. However, it’s still a feature that you must look out for. With this feature, if you begin to feel a level of inconvenience from using a back brace, you can always take off its pad. In addition to helping you become more comfortable, a back brace with a removal pad is a lot easier to wash.

Consider Anti-Slip Technology

The fact that you have a back brace on does not mean you will not have to take part in any physical activity. When people put on back braces, they still have to carry on with their daily activities. It is one reason the anti-slip technology of a back brace is critical. It is even more important if you are wearing one because of sciatica.

Just as its name states, when wearing a back brace that comes with an anti-slip technology, you won’t have to worry about it slipping off from the point you fixed it while you go on with your daily activities.

Look Out for Extra Support

There are various types of back braces for sciatica. While some of them only provide lumbar support, others offer assistance in other areas like the groin and the hamstring. Since sciatica is not only felt in the back, when you wear a back brace for sciatica which provides support in other regions apart from the lumbar region, you will be able to get near-complete help. 


When purchasing a back brace for sciatica, you need to look out for desirable features before going ahead to make a purchase. However, beyond just considering advantageous features, you have to think about price. 

You must have a budget before going on to make a purchase. With a budget, you can always get the right value for whatever amount you intend spending. The fact that a back brace is expensive does not necessarily mean it will have the features you want. It means if you have a budget, you can look out for advantageous features within a given price range.

Look Through Reviews

Going through reviews is the most trusted way to know what a back brace has to offer before spending your hard-earned money on it. While at this, always take note of what previous users say in favour of the back braces you are considering buying.

ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace

Our Best Back Brace for Sciatica

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