What’s The Best Football Cleats for Speed? Buyer’s Guide & Review

If you are a football player, you will need the best football cleats that are designed primarily for this sport. This type of cleat refers to highly specialized footwear designed primarily for football. It is a smart investment, especially for players that want to enhance their pace while playing and also want to be protected from injuries.

Keep in mind that unlike soccer cleats, football cleat depends on your position. You can find various cleats with unique or different supporting features that aim to protect certain positions.

This means that as a running back, wide receiver, striker, or quarterback, you need to use a cleat that will support your position well and increase your pace. If you are still wondering what cleat to buy that will aid your pacing, then you should check out our list of cleats below.

1. NIKE Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat

The first cleat on our list of Best Football Cleat for Speed is the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Cleat is that it is designed for fast acceleration. The use of lightweight parts and materials for this cleat effectively combats foot fatigue and provides as much support as possible while running.

It also uses mesh, which gives it the advantage of being more breathable compared to other materials. The use of carbon fiber plates is also a great advantage because this material is not only tough and durable but is also known for its lightness.

This means you have a durable and sturdy cleat that is not that difficult to use and maneuver because it is light. Thanks to the brand’s unique PORON footbed, your feet feel comfortable with this cleat.

It’s also made to deliver the highest level of traction possible. This cleat is also suitable for locking corners, hard-hitting linebackers, quarterbacks, and quick-running receivers. Another beneficial advantage of this cleat is that it prevents the accumulation of odors and moisture.


  • Prevents odors and moisture
  • Aids quick acceleration
  • Lightweight parts and materials are used for its construction
  • Can counter foot fatigue due to its lightweight and comfort


  • Vulnerable to grass stains

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2. Adidas Men’s Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleat

One thing about the Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Cleat which is a choice we would recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality cleat for speed. It is a versatile cleat because it works, whether you are a receiver, quarterback, or in a different position. Regardless of your position, this cleat is useful for your top speed and maximum performance.

Its comfortable fit can be attributed to the padded design and sprint skin upper part. It’s comfortable enough that it’s easy for you to move across the field. Its ability to hold your feet firmly in place due to the built-in heel is also impressive.

Also, it is particularly flexible thanks to its Speed ​​Spat tape. We are also impressed with the solid base of this cleat which is mainly due to the presence of the Sprintframe board. This football cleat offers great grip while maintaining lightness so that you can move quickly and easily.

It is also comfortable and offers optimal traction thanks to its EVA-coated cushioning and sprint studs. You also have a number of color options when choosing this Adidas cleat.


  • Protects your feet with its heel cup
  • Provides additional flexibility which further aids speed
  • Ideal for multiple positions for versatility
  • Promotes a comfortable fit
  • Provides adequate support and comfort


  • Takes time to break-in

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3. Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Cleat

Using textiles and synthetic materials, we can say that Under Armor Highlight RM Football Cleat can give you the quality and functionality you expect from a speed cleat. One thing we noticed about this cleat is its sturdy support and easy fit. We got this advantage through the superior synthetic collar and the combined performance textile.

We also discovered that this Under Armor cleat is the ultimate solution if you are looking for stability as it has an external TPU ankle cage. Another advantage that we love about this cleat is the improved ventilation and breathability achieved by the open-hole mesh tongue design.

Also, in terms of flexibility, this cleat is quite impressive. It is flexible and makes it easier to get started thanks to its extended eye-line cutouts. The part beneath your feet can be expected to experience the durability and comfort you need, thanks to Under Armour that makes it a point to use the die-cut EVA sock-liner.

The combination of molded tongue, heel, and foot foam also allows the cleat to fit naturally into the ankle. This makes it a really comfortable and fast support that is quite affordable. It also prevents your heel from getting blisters as it avoids slipping of the foot.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Supportive and speedy
  • High quality, affordable and functional
  • A final solution for stability
  • Well ventilated and breathable


  • Not many color options

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4. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

Adidas is also a trusted brand that can deliver quality football cleats – one of which is the Freak X Carbon Mid Cleat at number four on our list. We are impressed by the fact that Adidas has designed this cleat to deliver most of the things you need from a mid-cut football cleat.

It is versatile and can meet the needs of football players of different positions and age groups. It is also easy to maneuver and can significantly increase speed on the field. This cleat offers the advantages mentioned and remains stable and supportive.

It prevents the feet from sliding around inside while running. This is mainly because of the heel cup. It uses a synthetic material for its construction in combination with a mesh lining, making it more breathable.

It also incorporates the brand’s unique SprintSkin technology, which is a great advantage as the cleat stays tight, especially at the top. We also realized that it has great support due to its approximately 4.5 inches shaft from the bow.


  • Breathable, thanks to the mesh lining
  • Light and significantly increase speed
  • Versatile, compatible with the needs of different players
  • Reduces the likelihood of your feet slipping
  • Promotes superior traction, strength, and stability.


  • Not so elegant

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5. Nike Men’s Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat

Number five on our list is the Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat, which is the ideal choice for footballers looking for Nike football cleat for speed. We realized that this is an affordable cleat, thereby making it easy for anyone to get. It also has a wide range of color options.

Another impressive feature about this Nike cleat is the rubber outsole, which is quite sturdy and propels players while running. The breathability of the fabric also effectively prevents odors. It has a well-padded collar and tongue because it makes the clip more comfortable.

Also, it provides a more precise and comfortable fit through its landing pattern. This is also a cleat with the hardness and durability often required for rough play and muddy weather. We also noticed that there is an extra foot cushion, which is possible with the padded midsole.

We are also pleased to say that the integration of Nike’s unique Fast Flex technology makes this cleat easy to fit, move, and of course, aids speed. It is an ideal pair of football cleats for speed, especially for beginners and young players. It’s beautiful with its eye-catching design. It is easy to clean and lightweight.


  • Well padded
  • Breathable and propels fast movement
  • Affordable without sacrificing quality and strength
  • Ideal for use in hard play and muddy weather
  • Promotes a precise and comfortable feet


  • Not suitable for wide feet

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6. Under Armour Men’s Hammer Mid RM Football Cleat

If you are a fan of Under Armor, then the Hammer Mid RM Cleat is one of the brands you should be looking for as it has a record for reliability. One thing that has alerted us to this cleat is its sturdy synthetic upper. This top is sturdy enough and designed to withstand the roughness of the game and aid speed.

Under Armor is durable, but they did not forget to make this cleat a light one. It has a precise and supportive fit. It can provide robust support and also has a distinctive look. It also uses a domed EVA insole that further improves the fit of the cleat, ensures a much better fit for your feet and certainly adds to its pacing attribute.

Due to the molded rubber used in this cleat, it can safely provide good traction on a variety of surfaces. With the thickness of the cleat and its flat edge, we can assure you that it will result in a firmer contact seal when in contact with the ground. 

This increases your performance and speed as you can improve traction from all directions and angles. Wearing this Under Armor football cleat also makes playing football in the turf less difficult because it has a nice grip on the turf.


  • Promotes a precise and supportive fit
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Provides an adequate turf grip
  • Improved traction from all directions and angles
  • Aids fast movement of the player


  • Somehow tight on the sides

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7. Nike Men’s Alpha Shark Football Cleat

One of the key benefits of the Nike Alpha Shark Cleats is its affordability. It is affordable without losing the quality and functionality that most football player wants. It has some color options that let you decide which color suits your personality and the colors of your team.

We also like the traction that comes with the TPU outsole of this cleat, which aids speed. Thanks to its three-quarter height, it can provide decent ankle support, allowing you to perform side cuts effortlessly and increase your pace.

The dynamic design that Nike pursued in making this cleat also helped the brand make a cleat with a better and more comfortable fit. Guarantees the user good grip and traction at every game or when they are proactive. It’s also extremely light, so it will not hinder your movements and overall performance.

Also, this cleat is made to give you both a more flexible underfoot and a fantastic lockdown. Supports most ankle movements with its comfortable, smooth fit.

Another good feature of this cleat is that in addition to football, it is also suitable for other high-intensity sports such as lacrosse and rugby.


  • Also works for other high-intensity sports
  • Affordable, functional and of high quality
  • Good traction provided by its outsole
  • Provides the ankle support that every footballer needs
  • Aids speed and fast movement 


  • Initial discomfort for flat foot and wide foot players

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8. Nike Men’s Alpha Pro Mid Football Cleat

Another Nike product that will certainly make football players happy is the Alpha Pro Mid Football Cleat coming in at number eight on our list of best football cleats for speed. This is a good choice for players that want an explosive speed boost while enjoying the extreme durability of the cleat.

It provides extreme comfort with the Phylon midsole, which also features a three-quarter-long wedge. It offers additional cushioning and mid-foot support. Offers low ankle cut, which promotes more ankle movements and a comfortable fit.

We are impressed with the availability of more customizable options in this particular cleat offered by Nike. It is because it boasts of well visible and pleasant colors.

This cleat boasts of its tapered thickness and length at the front as it matches the natural curve of player’s feet. That’s the main reason for the maximum traction you experience while taking each step.

Another good thing about this cleat is that Nike used a dynamic fly-wire system on its upper part that lets you adjust the fit while running. This makes it possible to counteract foot fatigue by tightening and loosening the adjustment as needed.


  • Promotes fast performance
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Guarantees additional cushioning and support
  • Combines with the curve of your feet naturally
  • Can fight foot fatigue


  • Not comfortable during the break-in period

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9. Under Armour Men’s Nitro Low MC Football Cleat

Another good choice for speed is the Nitro Low MC Cleat by Under Armour. We are glad to have come across this branded product because it contains the most valuable things a footballer expects. One of them is the synthetic outsole, which aids acceleration, solid, sturdy, and strong.

It combines the coated textile material with a strategically placed synthetic material. With this, the cleat can develop a support cage that provides maximum comfort, ventilation, and stability.

Another feature of this cleat is its great breathability. Under Armour made it breathable by building it to have an open mesh tongue. Its molded toe cap offers a high level of protection and durability.

When it comes to comfort and durability, especially in the areas under your feet, this cleat does not disappoint, as it is equipped with an EVA cut-off sock liner. It provides additional stability, support, and speed thanks to the heel clip made of embedded TPU material. This cleat also provides an extra bite essential for great acceleration and sharp cuts.


  • Solid construction and great acceleration
  • Strategically positioned materials
  • Well ventilated and breathable
  • Very stable and supportive


  • Slightly stiff at first use

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10. Nike Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleat

Another amazing Nike cleat for speed on our list is the Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleat. This product offers you several colors to choose from, and you can get a color designed to sport or represent your team.

The mid-height or mid-cut design of this cleat is impressive because we noticed how effective it hugs your ankle in a natural way for better coverage, which is an added advantage for speed. This design also helps to provide the most desirable ankle support. With the aid of its three-quarter Phylon wedge, it can provide more responsive cushioning.

This wedge works effectively by giving the cleat a more flexible cushioning. With the wide strap integrated into this cleat, we guarantee users of its mid-foot stability. The NIKESKIN emblem is also a great advantage, as it ensures a good fit and sturdiness naturally while wearing this cleat. You can also expect this football cleat to work well on artificial turf. Not only is it easy to clean, but it also has one of the best traction. It looks good and offers good support and pacing for most football positions.


  • Impressive cushioning guaranteed
  • Promotes a firm and secure fit
  • Stylish and offers several color options
  • Hugs your feet naturally and aids pacing
  • Provides the most desired ankle support


  • Not compatible with the requirements of linemen

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11. NIKE Men’s Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleat

Here comes the Alpha Menace Pro Mid Cleat offered by Nike. The overall design of this cleat makes it a good choice for young players. This cleat has a wide version, and this provides effective side-by-side comfort and stability.

In our opinion, this cleat is also good for those who want style and personality. It is unique and aids acceleration while playing, with its shark-tooth style combined with a great metallic finish. You would be happy with the mid-foot overlays that are embedded in this football cleat. The rubber outsole offers comfort on the field.

If you want to make sure you have a secure and comfortable fit, then you will also appreciate the inner-sleeve construction as it tends to lock your feet over the spike.


  • Aids speed and sharp cuts
  • Elegant and unique
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Protects your feet from impact


  • Sizes are smaller than standard

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12. NIKE Vapor Untouchable Pro PF Baltimore Ravens Men’s Football Cleats

The last cleat on our list of best football cleat for speed is the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro PF Football Cleat. Thanks to the materials used in manufacturing this cleat, primarily synthetic and mesh, it has superior durability and most effectively aids acceleration.

The combination of these two materials also helped to create a completely light and breathable cleat that fits well.  The lock-down and support provided by this cleat are satisfying.

It has a one-piece inner-sleeve, which is a desirable feature as it helps to wrap around your ankle naturally, which is a good thing if you want to enjoy a more comfortable fit. You will also appreciate its ability to stabilize your feet while remaining completely flexible.

This cleat is used for acceleration and quick cutting, as it has optimal traction. This type of traction is expected due to its innovative and distinctive design. This is a well-built cleat.


  • Light, breathable and aids speed
  • Combined synthetic and mesh materials provide a high level of durability
  • Can stabilize your feet without losing the flexibility of the brace
  • Good traction guaranteed


  • May cause pain if you have foot problems

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Buyer’s Guide


One factor that must play an essential role in your final purchase decision is the cleat’s cut. Note that the cut, in this case, refers to the actual cleat height. Your options are low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut.

Also, note that most football cleats are currently available in low and medium versions. There is no specific cut to buy that aids speed. Your main concern is the brand and cleat’s properties.


Check the traction of the cleat. Remember that you never want to buy a cleat that allows you to slip across the football field while running. Make sure the cleat you choose provides superior traction, keeps your feet in place and rigid. Just make sure your balance is on the right track.

Opt for a cleat that is compatible with the natural movement of your body and feet. That way, they stay safely in place.

Make sure that the overall fit of the cleat, as well as the quality of its construction, have a significant and positive impact on field traction. You should be able to keep your feet in the right places. Also, keep your body moving instead of being stagnant, which affects your performance.

General Comfort

Comfort is even more important with speed, especially if you want to play on a muddy field or lawn. The cleat should be comfortable enough to feel like your second natural skin. You can be sure that a cleat provides comfort when it naturally fits your feet.

This way, you can feel comfortable while running, jumping, and attacking and being fully supported. In most cases, your desired comfort is ensured by cleats that use the highest quality materials. However, you can also find inexpensive football cleats that offer superior comfort while playing.


In a football cleat, protecting the entire body is critical. Keep in mind that not only pads and helmets protect football players on the pitch. You also need the right football cleats to avoid an accident or collision.

It should protect the entire feet by ensuring that it fits well and reduces the risk of overstretching. With this feature, you have a hundred percent guarantee that the cleat can protect your entire feet while you are in the field.

Materials and built-in Technology

Review the materials and technology used to create and design the cleat. Do not be fooled by the attractive sales copies of various brands. Take time to evaluate how each cleat is made, so you know exactly if the materials used in creating it can help you increase your speed level and overall performance.

You do not have to buy expensive cleats. There are cases where your preferred cleat does not cost you much. Your main goal should be if the technology and materials used to make the cleat can prevent injuries, maintain your stability, and increase your speed, endurance, and performance.


It is also highly recommended to choose spikes that are right for you. You can choose molded spikes that are permanently attached to the cleat. As these are permanent attachments, you cannot remove them.

Molded spikes are good if you do not want the spikes to fall off, or if you do not intend to change the spikes. However, if you prefer removable spikes, then, choose the detachable type. The good thing about the removable spikes is that it can be easily adjusted or replaced, depending on where you would like to use it next.

Size and Width

Keep in mind that football cleats still fall under the category of shoes or footwear. But we still recommend that you get the exact size to make sure it fits well.

The width must also be good. Majority of these cleats are available in medium-sized width. With this in mind, you should consider brands and designs that offer wide widths for larger cleat size if you have wide feet.


Can I use my football cleats for baseball or soccer?

Yes, but remember that while there is no big problem with using a football cleat for either baseball or soccer, we recommend using a cleat specifically designed for the sport you want to play. Both football and soccer cleats have spikes at the bottom, but football cleats also have larger protrusions than soccer cleat.

Image result for Can I use my football cleats for baseball or soccer?

Football cleats are also thicker than soccer cleats and protect your feet in case someone steps on them. Another difference is in the cut, and soccer cleats are usually low-cut. Baseball is not a contact sport.

It also includes running composed of short sprints, which requires a quick acceleration of the players. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see the relatively light baseball cleats being used for soccer and football.

On the front part of a football cleat is a spike with which the player can quickly dig into the dirt to make a quick takeoff. Considering the differences between the cleats used in the three sports, it is a must to look for a cleat that suits your sport of interest.

Which cleat has the best grip?

If you want a football cleat with the best grip which will ultimately aid your acceleration, then you should look for a cleat with material that gives you optimal traction, regardless of the condition and surface of the field in which you want to play. There should be protrusions at the bottom that can provide your preferred traction.

Image result for Which cleat has the best grip?

Traction cleats are good in this case, but make sure you choose a design that gives you superior grip. In this case, your best bet is one with a traditional rubber frame that also has a wraparound coil. You can also select spiked cleats instead of coils because the spikes usually work better than the coils in terms of speed.

Which football cleats are best for wide and flat feet?

Wearing cleats of the wrong size can drastically affect your performance. This is true if you have wide and flat feet and you choose a tight one. If this is the case, it is ideal to choose a football cleat which uses leather as its upper material.

Image result for Which football cleats are best for wide and flat feet?

This material is ideal for those who have wide and flat feet as it is more elastic. The best cleat for wide and flat feet is one that is comfortable and fits well on foot.

Based on the quality of the spikes, you will immediately know if it is good for your feet. Make sure that the materials used to construct the cleat offers great performance, whether you use them on hard or soft surfaces. Also, it must have sufficient support in the bowstring and be sturdy enough to accommodate a wider, flatter foot.

Which pair of football cleat is best for wide receivers and linemen?

The perfect cleat for a wide receiver is one that can support the goal of this position in terms of speed and agility. In that case, you may want to look for the lightest football cleats on the market. Note that wide receivers require light cleats because it helps them move quickly and easily.

Image result for Which pair of football cleat is best for wide receivers and linemen

The most suitable cleat for a wide receiver is also one that is characterized by great lockdown and ankle support, making it possible to cut across the field easily. The best football cleats for linemen, however, are the longer ones.

If you are a lineman, you will need a longer cleat, as this length provides the traction needed to block or break through the defense. Long cleats can also provide additional ankle support that is useful for linemen who want to be completely protected from injuries caused by quick foot planting and twisting.

How do I lace football cleats?

Image result for How do I lace football cleats?

Knowing how to lace your football cleat properly can make a big difference in terms of comfort and fitness. So you can expect that to affect your performance as well. Start with the traditional procedure of threading your cleat’s lace through the lower loops.

This should develop equal sides on the right and left sides of the lace. The left lace should then be removed directly from the inside of the cleat and then directly through the next eyelet. The next step is to take the right lace of the cleat diagonally across, then over the left lace and then the next available eyelet.

You should then take it directly through the next eyelet. Repeat this step. The goal here is to weave the laces until one of the ends is at the top left eyelets. The left lace should then be taken straight into the inside of the cleat and then outside through the top right eyelet.

Pull it tightly then tie your cleat into a double knot for durability. This should secure your cleat and make your feet as safe and stable as possible.

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