Best Football Cleats For Running Backs 2019

If you want to be a professional running back player in football, then you need to improve and maximize your speed so you can reach the end zone and lead your team to multiple victories.

You can’t expect your cleats alone to make you a high-profile professional running back, the best football cleats for running backs are useful in reaching your full potential. Remember, your role as a running back in football is crucial.

This is because this position is known as one of the fastest football player’s positions on the field. If you take this position, you will have multiple defenses to break to reach the end zone.

You are also responsible for reading the holes the attackers have created for you as a running back and using the acceleration as a means to get the initial boost. It would be easy for you to play your role as a running back if you have the best running back cleats.

It should be easy as it will help you to use your natural agility and speed capabilities. To find the lightest and most reliable running back football cleats on the market, below is a brief review of ten products you can trust with confidence.

1. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleat

Number one on our list is the Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleat which is one of today’s most original, versatile and innovative Running Back Cleats. We can say that this cleat is perfect for running backs and experienced players. We find it impressive because it’s made of synthetic and knitted materials – the combination of which is known for making it comfortable and durable.

We also discovered that it is one of the most sustainable and breathable football cleats available today for running backs, as its upper part is made from a single layer mesh material.  Offers comfortability and safe to wear.

It’s also a good choice as it works effectively for those who compete in jumping situations and medium distances. The lightweight design allows for good performance without compromising overall speed and performance. The comfort level of this cleat is also high.

It’s because of its low profile cushioning as well as its guaranteed breathability and good fit. With the EVA mid-foot integrated into the frame, we are also sure that it can provide additional support through its grip. Also, in terms of grip and traction, this football cleat perform equally well. 


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Breathable and supportive
  • Unique, innovative and versatile design
  • Ensures a safe and secure fit
  • Great grip and traction


  • Slightly narrow for wide-legged users

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2. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

If you want to get an Adidas cleat, then the Freak X Carbon Mid Football cleat is probably one of the best products for you. Maintaining a running back position should be the reason to look for a football cleat with maximum heel and ankle support.

That’s what Adidas Freak X Carbon Football Cleat can do. A great part of its incredible heel and ankle support is that it’s the key to maximizing your strength to deal with your opponents on the field. It’s also an advantage as it gives you a good grip, which is the key to preventing you from slipping backward while wrestling on the field.

You can also get additional support from the heel cup of the cleat, which is a great advantage when pushing. It also increases your stability – thanks to the extended collar. A high degree of stability is what you get every time you need to make quick steps forward. With the carbon footplate of this cleat, it’s easy to make quick stops and turns.

Another useful feature of this Adidas cleat is its durability. It is durable enough to last at least one season. It’s a lightweight cleat with the right reinforcement to optimize your traction zones. This is good if you need to maximize your multidirectional speed.

It is also one of the nicest designed Adidas cleats. The anatomically shaped EVA insole makes you feel as comfortable as possible on the field.


  • Facilitates quick stops and turns
  • Very durable and lightweight.
  • Provides good support for heel and ankle
  • Reduces the risk of slipping backward while wrestling
  • Its optimal traction zones allow you to maximize your multidirectional speed


  • Not quite affordable

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3. NIKE Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleat

Nike continues to impress footballers with the incredible line of football cleats that now includes the Lunarbeast Pro TD which comes in at number three on our list of best football cleats for running backs. What leaves a good impression on its users is the good ankle support that this product offers.

When it comes to supporting, coverage, and comfort, this Nike product does not disappoint. That’s because it can safely guide your ankle through its half-height collar, giving you the support and coverage you need without making you feel uneasy.

Speaking of comfort, you can feel even more comfortable thanks to the flexible and responsive cushioning in the cleat. It can give you a firm and secure fit while remaining comfortable. It is also beautiful and durable at the same time.

Another quite impressing thing is that it boasts of a good grip once used on the football field. It also tends to hold up in different environments and conditions. Another reason why you should get this cleat is that you will quickly break it in.

It’s a well-constructed cleat designed to make your footballing experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible.


  • Easy to break-in
  • Well designed and stylish with many color options
  • Provides good support and coverage
  • With responsive and flexible cushioning for more comfort
  • Can withstand a variety of conditions and situations


• Some sizing issues

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4. Nike Men’s Vapor Shark 2 Men’s Football Cleat

Another Nike product you can count on as a running back once you are on the field is the Vapor Shark 2. We think it works well for determined footballers who want a cleat designed primarily for all difficulties linked to playing football.

It’s because it’s not only sturdy but also agile and lightweight. It’s available in many styles and colors, which we think is a big plus for those who want a really nice and unique cleat. This option allows you to match your cleat and jersey.

No matter how strong the impact of a particular game, you can trust this football cleat to support and protect you. Another thing is that it’s made with breathable material, so you’re assured your feet will feel comfortable and secure. It is also an affordable cleat that is available in bright and vibrant colors like red and blue.

The fact that it is made of synthetic materials is also a great advantage as it is as light as possible. Thanks to the unique, fast, and flexible technology of the brand, it is also easy to move around with this cleats.

We are also happy to inform you that its spikes have an incredible grip on artificial turf and natural grass.


  • Impresses with its high traction configuration
  • Robust, responsive and lightweight
  • Available in different colors
  • Provides assistance and protection on the field.
  • Breathable, lightweight and comfortable


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

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5. Nike Men’s Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Football Cleat

You’ll also be grateful if you choose the Nike Alpha Strike 2 three-quarter football cleat. With the guaranteed quality of this cleat, you can use it for all challenges in the field. This is possible with aggressive traction and optimal lockdown.

We also noticed the ability of this football cleat to provide you with flexible comfort. In terms of traction, this Nike cleat will not disappoint. It’s because it has a TPU sole with a dozen stud.

It is lightweight yet durable thanks to the synthetic leather material used for its exterior. With its lightness, changing of direction will be easy and fast. We also noticed that Nike has not saved comfort in this cleat. It’s super comfortable no matter what you do on the field.

We think that’s because of the cleat’s soft and well-designed inner lining. Quite affordable, this is one of the best football cleats of today.


  • Provides support with side cuts
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Allows you to tackle all the challenges on the football field
  • Can provide you with the necessary traction and comfort
  • With soft lining for more comfort


  • Supplied without an extended ankle collar

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6. Under Armor Men’s Speedform MC Football Cleat

If you’re interested in purchasing Under Armor running back cleats, you will surely appreciate the Speedform Men’s Football Cleat in its production line.

We’re sure that with the 100% synthetic material used to manufacture this cleat, it will further improve the performance of all football player. One of the reasons for the constant and great reviews of this cleat is its ability to provide users with a high level of comfort.

It is mainly due to the upper part of this cleat, which tends to form your feet perfectly. In this way, users can be rest assured that they can perform well in the field without any distraction. It also has a seamless, well-formed heel cup that can further enhance your comfortability while wearing it.

It’s comfortable because it’s made in a way that looks like a natural extension of your own feet. Another impressive benefit of this Under Armor football cleat is that it provides a locked-in structure and support. That’s all thanks to the external Pebax heel clamp.


  • Forms your feet perfectly and does not distract you on the field
  • Features a seamless shaped heel cup
  • Absolutely comfortable and provides support and locked-in structure


  • Not quite affordable

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7. NIKE Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 2 Football Cleat

If you’re looking for lightweight football cleats designed for running backs, the Nike Pro 2 is a product you should pay attention to. It has a synthetic leather and mesh upper part that plays an important role not only in its lightness but also in its comfort.

It also prides itself on fly-wire cables in its mid-foot interior, which is beneficial if you want a smooth, sock-like fit. We also find the geometry of this cleat innovative and unique. Such design allows the cleat to optimize its traction so that its users can enjoy quick accelerations and cuts.

We also confirmed that this cleat, thanks to its unique and patented attachment, increases your speed with each step. It is made of sturdy material and features a carbon fiber plate that provides maximum support while running to the end zone.

The materials used in the manufacture of this cleat are also breathable. This ensures that your feet are well ventilated at all times, even if they have a secure, glove-like fit. It can also reduce the risk of your feet becoming tired because they are well supported.

This football cleat has also been designed to give you full speed. It’s made for the fastest footballers. 


  • Light and comfortable
  • Promotes fast acceleration and cuts
  • Can help you increase your speed.
  • Breathable and well ventilated
  • Reduces the risk of foot fatigue


  • Difficult to use for others due to the built-in tongue

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8. NIKE Men’s Alpha Field General Elite Camo Football Cleat

This Nike football cleat is another product you can count on as a running back when looking for a cleat that combines maximum maneuverability and speed. Just like footballers who are interested in changing the specific direction in which the game is supposed to go.

It’s manufactured in a way that is strong enough and fully prepared to tackle all the obstacles and challenges in the field. This means that you will find this cleat reliable whether it involves running the ball or dropping it back. The flexibility of this cleat is also undeniable.

We think its structured top is a big plus as players can feel stable on the field. It also has aggressive traction, which is crucial in some cases when you need to make some quick transitions. You will be pleased with the dynamic fit of this cleat, which is caused by the bridge of the upper hatches.

Once you wear this cleat, you will not feel any resistance. This is the key to increasing your performance and winning the game. We also noticed the versatility of this football cleat. It is versatile in that it can meet the specific needs and requirements of almost all football players.


  • Promotes maximum mobility and speed
  • Allows fast transitions
  • Promises a dynamic and responsive fit
  • Provides full control over your balance and turning ability
  • Versatile cleat parts


  • Requires break-in period

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9. NIKE Force Lunarbeast Elite TD Men Football Cleat

The Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD Men’s Football Cleat is also one of the protective gear that will continue to receive great reviews of running backs. This is one of the great choices, especially if you’re looking forward to spending a bit more on a pair of quality football cleats. This cleat was specifically designed for linemen, running backs and other defensive positions.

The combination of an extended strap and collar in this football cleat makes it effective in locking down the foot. That way, you can demonstrate your ability to provide adequate support each time you intend to wrestle your opponent. With its unique and exclusive Flywire exterior material, you can also run with improved stability.

This cleat is available in a variety of styles and colors. Note, however, that the price may vary depending on the size and style chosen. The full-length midsole used in this cleat is good, as it is also combined with elastic flexibility and a soft cushion. The NIKESKIN used on this cleat also ensures a firm, secure fit, and support around your feet.


  • Provides decent support of the bow
  • Promotes a faster jump
  • Ideal for linemen, running backs and other defensive positions
  • Different styles and colors to choose from
  • Flexible and well padded, which increases wearing comfort


  • Slightly difficult to wear 

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10. Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Men’s Football Cleat

If you are after great performance and a cool design, we think the Nike Carbon Elite TD Football Cleat is one of the best out in the market. It’s obvious to notice that this is one of those cleats on the market that has the most exceptional designs and look.

It offers a wide range of color options and sizes. This will never make it hard for you to find a color and size that suits you perfectly. It is made of synthetic material. The sole of this football cleat is also made of carbon fiber.

One thing that makes this cleat unique is that its top is only after stabilizing your feet. This is because Zero Space technology is used. This means that the only space at the top is designed to keep your feet as stable as possible.

You will surely like the quarter panels of this cleat, bearing in mind that it offers the right combination of comfort and support with every use. It can be one of the fastest cleats to serve your purpose as a running back, mainly because speed is critical to your success on the pitch.

Another reason why this cleat is so popular is its lightweight design that promotes ease of use. It is even useful in lawns.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Effective in stabilizing the feet
  • Looks fresh and elegant
  • Ensures the perfect balance between comfort and support


  • Average durability only

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Buyer’s Guide

Upper Material

The upper part of a running back cleat should be well built. Make sure it is made of the highest quality, durable material. In most cases, synthetic and leather are choices for the upper portions. Many running backs prefer leather material because of their good breathability.

The fact that leather is breathable can help your feet feel comfortable during the game. Also, leather is known for its flexibility. This makes it an excellent choice in terms of functionality and comfort. The point, however, is that it is more expensive than synthetic material.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can opt for a synthetic material. Bear in mind, however, that it does not have the durability and breathability that leather offers.


When you buy good football cleats for running backs, you must also evaluate which ones suit you. Avoid cleats that are too loose or too tight as this will only affect your performance. Also, there is a risk of injury.

With cleat sizes, it should be noted that they are generally similar to normal shoe sizes. The only difference is in the customization, as it varies by manufacturer and brand. For this reason, you should not immediately assume that the size of a particular cleat matches that of your other shoes.

One way to make sure you have the right fit is to test multiple pairs physically before you buy them. If you want to shop online, using a sizing application is a great help to get the right fit. Another advice is to try out the different brands worn by your teammates or friends. This is useful to get the right specifications.


Evaluate the weight of the cleat even before buying. This is important to avoid buying one that is too heavy for you because it will ultimately affect your performance and exercise. Your best choice, in this case, is a cleat that will continue to expose your ankle. While this sounds like a bad idea at first, as skillful players like you are often attacked on the field, this is a good choice because you need one that is light and comfortable.

You will know right away that you are getting the best cleats when they are light and can maintain the stiffness of your main body. Also, remember that running back as a skill position is all about speed. Strength is not so important here, as the emphasis is on how fast you play the game. That means you will never want to be held down by a heavy cleat that will make you perform slowly on the field. 

That is why you need to spend your time evaluating all options on your football cleat and finding one that is light, but stiff and durable.

Ability to Provide Ankle Support and Stability

If you are a running back, which is a skill position, you will likely need to quickly change direction (make cuts) or run through some difficult positions.

To perform quick movements without twisting your knees or ankles, it is important to look for a cleat that can stabilize your feet on the field. It should give you ankle support and stability while keeping its weight to a minimum.


It is also necessary to find the most comfortable pair of football cleats as a running back. Keep in mind that your position requires you to carry the ball most of the time. To perform well in this area, you need a pair of football cleats that are comfortable enough to carry.

Inconvenience when using the cleat will affect your performance. Treat yourself to something to look forward to while making sure your cleats are as comfortable as possible.


What is the difference between Linemen Cleat and Running Back Cleats?

Depending on your position or skill, your cleat may vary in style and construction. This is the main reason why you may notice differences in running backs and linemen cleats. Linemen cleats provide users with impressive support for heels and ankles.

Image result for What is the difference between Lineman Cleat and Running Back Cleats?

These are important for tackling opponents. A running back cleat, on the other hand, is more of a well-rounded type. The main focus of this product is on excellent mobility. This is crucial to ensure that you can skip past your opponents. A good running back cleat also provides enough grip to protect the quarterback.

What are the main parts of a football cleat?

If you want to get the best football cleats for running backs, then you need to familiarize yourself with the main parts. The most essential parts you need to know are:

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The top of the cleat is often made of synthetic or leather and serves as an outer layer. It is designed for longevity to increase the likelihood that you will resist regular use and abuse. You will notice that the top of the cleat has straps and laces.

It is also the part responsible for locking the cleat to give it a secure and comfortable fit. The good thing about the modern tops used in football cleats today is that they are advanced and powerful due to their lightweight strength and added breathability.


Also known as an insole serves as internal support of the cleat. The primary purpose of this important part is to cushion the area under your foot and your heel.

It should be noted that the midsole is often made with various modern forms and technologies. These things are important to lessen the harmful effects of running on your feet, ankles, and heels when you are on the field.

Major brands such as Nike and Under Armor use Proton inserts, EVA foam coatings and Phylon wedges in their midsole. This is because these materials can support and cushion your feet in a variety of conditions.


Known for being the cleat’s base, the outsole often has spikes that work in the best field traction to players. You will notice that this part is configured in different ways to ensure that the user can improve his / her ability, acceleration, and stopping power.

How long can I expect my running back cleats to last?

Most football cleats are incredibly durable, so you can be sure they last a long time. For young players, they will probably outgrow their boots before they need a replacement.

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Older children and players, however, also tend to put more miles in their cleats, which usually lasts about 1-2 seasons. For those with feet which have already stopped growing, especially for adults, it is advisable to get two pairs of football cleats so they can use both alternately to keep them as long as possible.

Do I have to break-in my cleats?

Image result for Do I have to break-in my cleats?

Yes, breaking your cleats is critical to improving your level of comfort and fit. This will give you less chance of getting home with cuts and blisters after using it for the first time during your exercise.

The good news is that breaking-in of the cleats is easy. You only have to spend a few days in your garden and at home wearing it before using it in your actual workout or game.

What are some of the essential cleat accessories to invest in?

It is expected that the football cleat you have chosen will work in your favor if you have essential accessories. You must have these cleat accessories at hand to ensure that you are fully prepared during the actual games and exercises. Some of the accessories you should focus on are:

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Replacement laces – You need to have spare laces handy, so you have something to use if the current one you’re wearing is torn during your training or game.

Protection – Accessories that can fully protect your cleat include shoe polish and oils. Make sure you have them in your gear bag so you can use them when needed. These types of protections can help extend the life of your cleat and enable them to adapt to various forms of severe abuse.

Replacement Spikes – This accessory is especially important when using removable spikes. You need to have some replacement so you can use them if the one you are currently using is broken. You must also have other spike variations to be able to play under different conditions.

What are the most popular brands of Running Back football cleats?

You can easily access various brands that offer football cleats in the market today. One of which is Adidas, which has already earned an excellent reputation not only in the American football cleat market but also in the soccer cleat industry.

Image result for What are the most popular brands of Running Back football cleats?

Most Adidas football cleats are renowned for their build quality, incredible ankle support, and comfort. Another prestigious brand of football cleat is Nike, which has been operating in this business longer than Adidas.

The good thing about Nike is that it already has a reputation for providing stylish, comfortable, and innovative football cleats. The brand is usually more expensive than the others, but many believe the overall quality is worth the extra cost.

You can also choose the Under Armor brand, which, though new in the industry, make a lot of noise due to their quality products. The brand is known for the impressive style of its cleats and its great stability and ankle support, especially while running.

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