What’s The Best Football Facemask? Buyer’s Guide & Review

Football is an exciting but tough sport so you can’t be 100% sure that you will be safe on the field. With that in mind, it is no longer surprising to see many football players investing in protective gears to guarantee their safety while on the field.

Fortunately, better protection can now be provided with the wide range of football protective gears that are available on the market today. Part of this protective gear is a football facemask which actually works in protecting the player’s face without causing any interruptions or hindering their on-field performance.

Even the most experienced football player would want to make sure that their facial bones and teeth stay intact and remain in their right places, and that’s possible with the aid of a reliable football facemask. This protective gear actually refers to that specific part of your football helmet, which covers your face.

It offers a high level of protection as it is often manufactured out of metal and covered with either rubber or plastic. Football masks that are available on the market today are also designed in such a way that it protects different parts of your face while also offering enough visibility so you can enjoy playing your game. Below are reviews of ten facemasks which we would recommend to any football player.

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask VROPO DW YF for Vengeance Football Helmet

The first item on our list of best football facemasks is a highly recommended faceguard from Schutt for anyone searching for a highly reliable football facemask made of carbon steel. What we specifically like about this product is that it meets the standards of durability and performance set by the brand.

With that, it can help young athletes enjoy their football games with confidence and aggression. The overall architecture of this facemask boasts of a double-wire bar, which is designed to offer additional protection to the nose and eye areas.

It also makes use of carbon steel, which is a strong material designed to offer reliable protection. We are sure that this material can make the players and coaches feel more at ease because of its strength, high level of protection, and sturdiness. It takes pride in its extended brow design guaranteed to improve vision and visibility.

We are impressed that such design works in absorbing huge impacts caused by frontal hits. It is a versatile football facemask in the sense that it works for various playing positions in the field, like quarterback, wide receivers, and tight end. This facemask is also popular for its toughness and durability, making it serve its purpose for a longer period than what most users initially expected.


  • Can absorb huge impact
  • Produced with strong and protective carbon steel
  • It improves vision, thanks to its extended brow design
  • Versatile enough that it suits various playing positions
  • Improves the confidence and performance of youth football player


  • It is usually heavier than other facemasks

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2. Schutt DNA ROPO UB Varsity Faceguard

At number two is another facemask from Schutt that leaves a good impression on us, the DNA ROPO UB Varsity Faceguard. It is a great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly facemask as it is offered at an affordable price without skimping on its toughness and durability.

The fact that it utilizes an innovative technology, which promotes ease in attaching it to your helmet is quite impressive. This helps to save time in the attachment process. It is also one of the most durable faceguards or facemasks for football, boasting of carbon steel material. We can offer an assurance that it specifically fits large-offset DNA helmets.

It is also a good match for the DNA Pro+ as well as the DNA Pro+ Elite helmets. It is equipped with a strengthened oral coverage designed to meet the needs of various players who have different playing positions, including quarterback, wide receivers, tight end, and punter.

We are also pleased to say that this facemask already comes with the necessary attachment hardware. This means that it already has a complete set of most of the things you need to attach or connect it to your football helmet. It is also durable while also preventing you from dealing with issues when attaching it to your helmet.


  • Quite affordable
  • Highly durable and tough
  • Requires less effort and time to attach to a helmet
  • Meet the needs of various players and playing positions
  • Comes with the required attachment hardware


  • It is slightly heavy

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3. Schutt Sports Youth VEGOP II YF Vengeance Football Faceguard

We are pleased to recommend the popular Schutt VEGOP II YF Vengeance Football Faceguard. Overall, we are satisfied with the overall construction of this faceguard as it is designed to be strong. It is also designed to protect player’s face accurately. 

Also made of carbon steel, this faceguard is an affordable option that is still capable of meeting the standards in the industry as far as performance, protection, and strength are concerned. This specific faceguard has a 13 color variety.

With the wide range of colors to choose from, you can surely pick one that matches your jersey, taste, or team preference. Pick one that makes you look good when you are playing on the field without compromising your safety. It is also manufactured to be tough and durable while meeting the needs of various players that hold different responsibilities and positions in the field. It works for youth football, and it will work fine in connection with the Youth Vengeance helmet.


  • Available in 13 nice colors
  • Offered at a reasonable and affordable price
  • Strong overall construction
  • Designed to offer facial protection to players
  • Works well for various players with different responsibilities and playing positions


  • This faceguard is a bit heavy

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4. Schutt Sports Varsity VROPO DW STG Football Faceguard

Coming in at number four is another facemask from Schutt that we think will deliver a high level of satisfaction to players is the Varsity VROPO DW STG Football Faceguard. Designed using carbon steel, it is safe to say that this facemask one of the most commonly used facemasks you can find on the football field today.

Among the ideal positions where this facemask is guaranteed to fit are wide receivers, defensive ends, tight ends, and running backs. The 17-bar configuration used in this football facemask is quite impressive. Such configuration is truly impressive as it guarantees to lessen the grab points for the defense to penetrate their fingers on your face.

We are also satisfied with the extended brow design used in this facemask because we noticed how effective it is in boosting vision while ensuring that the gear will be able to absorb impact brought on by frontal hits. This facemask also showcases the same design that top defensive players in NFL use. With that, we can safely say that it boasts of an intimidating style and extensive protection. It also looks great and strong. It has a distinctive design, which gives you a standout look while on the field.


  • Has a strong and great look
  • Features a 17-bar configuration
  • It is constructed with a strong and affordable carbon steel
  • Works ideally for several footballpositions
  • It has an extensive brow design for more security and visibility


  • Not an ideal choice for youth football players

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5. Green Gridiron Riddell Speed S2BD-SP Facemask

The fifth item on our list of best football facemasks is the Green Gridiron Riddell Speed S2BD-SP Football Facemask. Also made of carbon steel, it is a strong and durable product designed to offer players the optimum face protection they require. The premium material used in it guarantees not only durability but also extensive protection from facial impacts.

The impressive part of this facial safety gear for football players is its advanced design, it is also light, and this is good because a heavy facemask might affect your game negatively. This means that even if it is made of carbon steel, it still makes use of an advanced design to make it up to 14 percent lighter when compared to other conventional facemasks.

It is a good choice, especially for football players that hold the running back and defensive back positions. We think this is mainly because it has additional protection around the jaw and mouth, making it suit the requirements of the mentioned positions.

Lastly, it has a shorter design and comes with three configuration bars surrounding the mouth, thereby ensuring that other players won’t have their hands coming in contact with your face. It can perform such function without compromising your vision while you are in the field. It also boasts of a super high tensile strength.


  • High tensile strength
  • Protects the areas surrounding the jaw and mouth
  • Manufactured with a premium carbon steel material
  • Totally lightweight due to its advanced design
  • Accurately protects the face with the aid of its three configuration bars


  • Suits Riddell helmets only
  • Does not come with an attachment hardware

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6. Green Gridiron Riddell Speed CU-S2BD-SW-BU-HS4 Facemask       

Another football facemask that we think would worth your while to check out is the Green Gridiron Riddell Speed CU-S2BD-SW-BU-HS4. It is actually a customized facemask, which follows exactly the same style used by some famous footballers.

It is made of stainless steel wire. This makes it more lightweight when compared to other facemasks that are produced with carbon steel. We can safely say that it is more manageable and easier to use. We are quite satisfied with its compatibility with youth and adult-sized helmets ranging from small to extra-large only sizes only.

We also recommend this facemask for players holding skill positions, such as quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running back. It is manufactured with stainless steel, which is known for having a thinner gauge. It is precisely 20 percent lighter when compared to the other faceguards. It is capable of increasing your line of sight due to the thin wire that is used to manufacture it.


  • It is a customized facemask
  • Features a stainless steel wire, which is very lightweight
  • Compatible with youth and adult-sized helmets
  • Capable of increasing your line of sight
  • Ideal for players holding skillful positions


  • Could be a little bit pricey compared to other facemasks
  • A quick-release hardware kit is not included in the purchase pack

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7. Green Gridiron Riddell SpeedFlex SF-2BD Facemask

Another item on our list of best football facemasks is the Green Gridiron Riddell SpeedFlex SF-2BD which also makes it easier to choose the right football facemasks. Also manufactured with stainless steel material, we are sure that you will be pretty satisfied with the lightness of this facemask.

It is light enough that using it in the field will be much easier. Many experienced players also prefer to use this facemask but be rest assured that it works regardless of your position on the field. It guarantees a high level of protection for both your mouth and face.

It offers such protection without causing limitations on your vision. We assure you that it will boost your vision or improve your area visibility. This facemask is manufactured to fit well with the new SpeedFlex helmet from Riddell. We are also pleased to say that it is a vital part of the brand’s Flex system.

This facemask boasts of its ability to lessen the effect of any force and impact on your helmet might have on your face. It delivers a wide range of vision, which is actually a huge advantage for all football players. Both adult and youth players can use it. This facemask is also notable for its solid and durable build.


  • Offers a wide range of vision
  • It has a solid and durable build
  • It is lightweight as it is manufactured from stainless steel
  • A good fit for skill position players
  • Offers protection for your mouth and face


  • Could be a bit difficult to attach to your helmet

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8. Xenith Prowl Football Facemask

Another great product which we highly recommend you check out is the Xenith Prowl Football Facemask. This facemask is a good fit for all football players that wants to use an open mask so they can retain a better vision while on the field. It features a carbon steel material which helps to improve its strength.

Such strength makes it possible for this facemask to withstand all forms of collision and hit that comes its way. It is manufactured to provide extra protection while also promoting greater visibility. An impressive part of this football facemask is that it is well-rounded as it performs efficiently regardless of the player’s position on the field.

We also like the polyethylene powder coating used in this facemask because it further strengthens and improves its durability. This facemask is quite affordable and offers a wide range of colors for you to choose from. This facemask’s purchase pack comes with all the installation hardware you need. In addition, it also has its setup manuals placed inside it.


  • Can withstand collision and hits
  • Well-rounded and versatile as it fits all positions
  • Offers a wide range of on-field visibility
  • Guarantees a high level of strength, thanks to its carbon steel material
  • Makes use of strong and durable polyethylene powder coating


  • Can only be used with helmets and facemask clips from Xenith

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9. Xenith XRS21 Football Facemask

At number nine on our list is another football facemask from Xenith that we would like to recommend is the Xenith XRS21. Its primarily made of carbon steel, which promotes durability and strength. Another major benefit I love about this facemask is its versatility.

One reason we like this product is because is quite versatile, which promotes its appropriate use at all positions on the field, although, it seems to work perfectly for skillful positions, especially those in the defensive backs, running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. We are also satisfied with the overall durability and strength of this facemask.

It can withstand tough use, especially during a game day. Also, it offers superior visibility, which is a good thing if you want to deliver a topnotch performance while playing. It comes in a stand-out style, which suits the needs of youth and varsity players.

It offers a wide range of colors which you can choose from. It has a nylon powder coating, which is known to resist corrosion. Such coating can also improve the durability of the facemask, making it capable of withstanding hard impacts.


  • Capable of withstanding tough use
  • Highly versatile and can be used in virtually all positions
  • Guarantees superior visibility while on the field
  • It can resist corrosion, thanks to its nylon powder coating
  • Produced with carbon steel which promotes strength and durability


  • Does not fit helmets of other brands but Xenith’s

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10. Rawlings Youth EG Facemask

The last item on our list of best football facemasks is the Rawlings Youth EG Facemask. Also made of carbon steel, this football mask is tough, strong, and durable. Features a nice and impressive overall design.

This is because it has a double wire, which is effective in providing extra protection to your nose and eyes, especially during a tough game. This facemask is versatile, and it can be used by several playing positions, including the tight end, defensive line, offensive line, defensive back, running back, linebacker, and wide receiver.

We are pretty sure that you will also love its availability in a wide range of colors because this enables you to choose a color based on your personal or team preference and the way you would like to express yourself. You can also pick a color, which makes it much easier for you to be distinguished from other players.

This facemask also has an extra-thick coating. This coating increases the durability of the facemask. It is also not heavy, making it easy to manage especially during the game.


  • It is available in various colors
  • Tough, strong, and durable carbon steel
  • Offers protection to the eye, thanks to the double wire
  • Versatile because it suits a wide range of playing positions
  • Makes use of an extra-thick coating, which provides added durability


  • Hardware required for its attachment is not included in the purchase pack

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Buyer’s Guide


Your choice of a suitable football facemask will mainly depend on the specific material, which is appropriate for your requirement. Football facemasks are actually often made with three standard materials which are stainless steel, titanium, and carbon steel.

Carbon steel is known for being the most common choice among football players. It is durable and tough and also affordably offered on the market. It’s only associated disadvantage is that it is heavier when compared to the other two materials.

If you are searching for a lighter football facemask, which is still capable of providing durable protection that you need, then the stainless steel made football mask is ideal for you. However, take note that you might need to pay more for this type than the one made of carbon steel.

Titanium, on the other hand, is popular for being the top pick often chosen by college athletes, professionals, and elite high school teams. Facemasks made of this material are popular for their lightweight construction designed to improve the player’s speed. They are also superior in terms of durability and strength.

Be sure to choose your choice of football facemask from facemasks made of the materials mentioned above based on your football position and on-field responsibilities.

Intended purpose

Your choice should also greatly depend on the specific purpose that you wish your chosen football facemask will fulfill. One of the major purposes of this facemask is to protect you on the field. Your goal should be to find a really tough, durable, and protective facemask if you want to be protected from possible facial injuries.

Another possible purpose of this protective gear is to improve vision. It is particularly useful, especially when the ball gets lost momentarily either in the sun or in the stadium’s overhead lights. Some masks serve as sunglasses, boosting your vision in case your eyes come in contact with extremely bright lights.

You may also make your choice of a football facemask based on the purpose of expressing yourself. You can find the coolest football facemask on the market, which features visible patterns and colors in its exteriors. You can invest in this if your goal is to express yourself and stand out from the rest of the players.

Your on-field position

Your position in the field also has a say in your choice of football facemask and deciding which one suits you the most. In this case, you have to check the bar configuration of the facemask because it plays a major role in the level of protection and performance it can deliver as well as its appropriateness on your position on the field.

A football facemask, which comes with several crossbars positioned higher across the eyes, for example, can offer protection to the player. The problem, in this case, is that this might also affect the player’s visibility. That said, it might not be suit you as a wide receiver or a quarterback since you need to have a wide range of view for better performance.

A facemask, which has an open bar configuration, on the other hand, promotes better visibility. However, you can’t expect it to offer protection to your eyes and mouth from the fingers and hands of other players. In that case, it wouldn’t work for you, especially if you are a lineman.

Your goal, therefore, should be to consider your position on the field then look for a football facemask designed to provide the right balance between performance and protection. What you have to do is to find one with a bar configuration, which offers you the level of visibility and protection you require.

Advancements and features

Choosing the best facemask for football should also depend on the specific features and advancements present in a particular product. We all know that latest things are always well advanced, so the best one is usually one that is equipped with the most recent technological advancements and features on the football field.

Such advancements are designed to offer more protection to players, better visibility, and superior performance. Among the specific advancements that you can see in the facemasks are more lightweight materials and flexible metals.

The presence of both can provide players additional protection. The flexible metals also provide extra flex designed to absorb more impact. With that, you can expect it to be more effective in minimizing the amount of trauma and concussions affecting the face and head.

Best Football Facemasks Frequently Asked Questions

Does a hardware kit come with a football facemask?

In most cases, the hardware kit is not included in a football facemask purchase pack. You will have to get it separately. What the kit often contains is all the hardware necessary for attaching the football facemask to a helmet.

Image result for Does a hardware kit come with a football facemask?

Frequently, the kit includes stainless steel cage screws, cage straps, and stainless steel cage T-nuts, all of which are useful in attaching the facemask to your helmet. Although, some are sold with the hardware kit, but it is not common.

Does the facemask come with clips to secure the helmet?

The answer is actually dependent on the kind of facemask you choose to buy. For instance, if you are using a helmet with at least one face mask bar, then there is a great possibility that your purchase pack will have a mounting bracket designed to secure a visor to the bar.

Image result for football facemask clip

The bracket will also come with a clip so you can configure and secure the facemask and its configuration bar to the helmet. But it is somewhat rare for a facemask kit to include the clip.

Which facemask fits my football helmet?

As one of the best investments you can make to complete your football protective gear, you have to ensure that you buy a facemask, which is appropriate for your football helmet. That way, you wouldn’t end up wasting your money on a product that does not fit.

Image result for Which facemask fits my football helmet?

Whether you are searching for a youth or adult facemask, you need to look for a facemask and a helmet that fits appropriately. In this case, take note that major manufacturers of football gears, like Riddell, Xenith, and Schutt, design facemasks that only suit specific helmets.

With that in mind, if you own a Schutt helmet, then it might also be necessary for you to purchase a facemask from the same brand to guarantee an appropriate fit. You might also find other brands of facemasks capable of fitting a wide range of helmets regardless of the brand.

What kind of facemasks are used for different football positions?


Different football positions also require the use of different types of football helmet facemasks as a means of ensuring that the right balance of visibility and protection will be provided. If you are a lineman, then it would be best to invest in a double wire facemask as this will help to prevent certain objects, usually body parts, from penetrating your face.

Image result for What kind of facemasks are used for different football positions?

A double-wire football facemask can protect the nose, jaw, and mouth. It often comes with a vertical bar to provide more protection. For those whose positions are in the defensive backs, wide receivers, running back, and quarterback, a facemask, which emphasizes more visibility than protection is ideal for them.

It does not feature vertical wires. Instead, it has horizontal wires designed to widen their visibility. If you are a punter or a kicker, then note that you will be directly in contact with other football players. With that in mind, you need a facemask with a simple design. It should only feature a few single wires to aid your visibility.

Which football facemask metal is right for me?

Choosing the right facemask metal for you should also depend on your position on the field, your responsibilities in the game, and your unique requirements. In this case, you have three options which are stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium. Each of these metals provides various levels of durability, weight, and performance.

Image result for Which football facemask metal is right for me?

If you are willing to spend more to receive the highest level of protection, then you can go for titanium, which is the strongest and lightest among the three but is also the most- pricey. You can also go for stainless steel if you are looking for an average level of lightness, price, and performance.

Stainless steel is ideal if you are a serious player in high school or youth leagues. If you want to stick to a budget, then carbon steel is ideal for you. It is the most affordable while still meeting the football industry standard.

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