Best Football Lineman Gloves 2019

Football has always been notorious for its rough and dangerous play. The NFL has repeatedly reminded us of the hazards professional players are exposed to every year. But let’s be honest, the scrimmage is part of the fun of football! It may be dangerous but we can’t help feeling the thrill and the excitement of the game. 

But don’t get us wrong, enjoying the brawl does not equate to reckless play. Football players need to be responsible and take extra care of their safety during competition. According to research, the position with the most risk for accidents and injuries are the running backs. But in our opinion, all football positions are exposed to the same level of danger on the field.

The lineman plays at the line of scrimmage, making him vulnerable to attacks and rough play. They defend the team from the opposing side which means they have to brace the most impact among other positions in the game. 

That being said, no lineman should ever participate in a game without proper protection. Investing in the right protective gear is mandatory, whether it be the helmet or even the gloves. Although many people think that football gloves are a fad, it is undeniably a crucial part of the football player’s apparel today. 

Below are some football lineman gloves which we consider to be must-have’s. Read on below to find out what they are and why we think they’re worth the purchase.

1. Adidas Scorch Destroyer Full Finger Lineman’s Gloves

Construction and form are very important when it comes to choosing lineman gloves. You need to make sure that not only are they made with the best quality materials, but also that they are made to withstand the rigors of a football game. 

When it comes to functional design, the Adidas Scorch Destroyer is our top choice for football lineman gloves. Why? Simply because of its genius design in dampening the impact from an attack. And for us, keeping the player safe and protected is the most important role of a lineman glove. But don’t just take our word for it; even experts recognize their injury preventing capabilities, which is why these gloves have been approved by NOCSAE standards. 

From the outside looking in, the Adidas Scorch Destroyer may seem like your average pair of football gloves. However, all the magic can be found from within. These gloves are made with light and breathable compression Lycra material which also improves its overall fit on a player’s hands. There is also a wide band, an injection molded rubber tab, and a smooth fit closure. In other words, these gloves have all the components of a very comfortable and secure glove. 

To give these gloves a boost in grip and control, the upper portion includes Adidas’ signature GripTack material while the bottom part is made with synthetic leather with “jam pads”. These pads are 5 mm in size and they are meant to enhance the glove’s impact-dampening capabilities. Overall, these gloves are all about bracing the impact. If you need a pair that can make you feel protected on the field, then this is the gloves to get. 


  • Approved by NOSCSAE standards; reliable and durable 
  • Comes with strategic impact-dampening jam pads for extra protection
  • Includes a secure yet comfortable closure for wrist support 


  • Does not offer as much ventilation as other football lineman gloves 
  • Apart from the closure, getting a custom fit may be tricky for some users 
  • The jam pads add to the bulkiness of the gloves 

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2. Cutters Force 3.0 Lineman Padded Football Gloves

Battling in the trenches makes you vulnerable to multiple types of injuries. But you don’t have to put yourself in danger to enjoy the thrill of football. With the Cutters Force 3.0, you can significantly avoid possible hand and wrist injuries. These gloves were particularly made to provide protection but without compromising comfort and flexibility. 

What we love most about the Cutters Force 3.0 is its minimal design. It’s easy to imagine lineman gloves being bulkier and heavier in comparison to receiver gloves. This is because of all that extra padding. 

But on the contrary, the Cutters Force 3.0 does not feel stuffy or heavy at all. The compressed foam padding really does wonders when it comes to the overall weight of the gloves. This foam padding makes the gloves comfortable to wear while also providing the hand with substantial protection. To add to the glove’s fit, a double wrist strap has been added for more support as well, making these gloves one of the best fitting options on our list. 

And of course, like all other gloves in the Cutters brand, this one also comes with the Cutters-exclusive C-TACK material. This added feature provides more stickiness on the fingers and the thumb which is perfect for enhancing one’s grip. 


  • Sports a clean minimal design; does not feel heavy or bulky 
  • Provides a comfortable fit  with a double wrist strap for extra support 
  • Impressive tack thanks to the Cutters-exclusive C-TACK technology 


  • Not the most breathable option in the list 
  • Does not have the best moisture-wicking capabilities 

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3. EvoShield EvoBrawl Lineman Football Gloves

We understand why some players hate wearing gloves. For one, they’re not the most comfortable things to wear, especially if you do not own a good quality pair of gloves. But no matter how soft and natural a pair of gloves may be, they can still feel suffocating if they aren’t breathable at all. So if you’re looking for a light and airy pair, then the Evoshield EvoBrawl Lineman Football Gloves might just be your thing. 

The EvoBrawl is NOCSAE-approved and it is well known for its ample ventilation. Our favorite part is the vented palm which gives these gloves maximum breathability. As for protection and support, these gloves do come with padded fingers, palms, and knuckles. 

But or favorite feature is the detachable wrist support which is great for those who feel that the added wrist support isn’t necessary. Plus, we love the additional perk of a personalized woven label on the wrist. If you want to make your pair of gloves truly your own, then this additional feature may interest you. 


  • Feels very natural, allows a wide range of motion 
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear 
  • Offers maximum breathability 


  • Getting a custom fit is tricky for those with larger hands
  • Sizes usually run small for some users 
  • Needs a bit of work in terms of durability 

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4. Adidas Freak Max Adult Football Lineman Gloves

If the Adidas Scorch Destroyer focuses on dampening impact, then the Adidas Freak Max is all about comfortability and getting the perfect fit. Getting the right fit is perhaps the trickest part of the glove-buying process. The added padding makes it more difficult to get the right size. Some users can’t tell whether the gloves are just too tight or if the padding is the problem. But the Adidas Freak Max does not give its users this problem. 

These gloves include a special “jam pad” zone to reduce impact in the fingers and also convenient sectional pad zones to reduce the force of an attack. One might think that these paddings would get in the way of the hand’s movements but surprisingly, it does not affect the overall fit of the gloves at all. Honestly, we’re still in awe of how Adidas can pull it off. 

Additionally, these gloves also come with an extended cuff for added wrist support and to top it all off, it also has the Adidas-only GripTack palm which promises to provide consistent grip no matter what the weather may be. In our opinion, these are the best lineman gloves to get if you do not like bulky and stuffy gloves. 


  • Provides a full protection from impact thanks to its jam pad zones 
  • Not bulky, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear 
  • Offers consistent tackiness with its Adidas-only GripTack palm 


  • Does not offer plenty of ventilation 
  • Not the best at wicking moisture 

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5. Cutters Game Day Padded Football Gloves

First things first – the Cutters Game Day Padded Football Gloves are not specifically made for linemen. It is an all-purpose performance glove that can be used no matter what your position is on the field. Now you might be wondering why this is on our list. To tell you honestly, these gloves are, in our opinion, the best all-around glove a lineman could own. 

We know that some of our readers do not just play one position all the time. It’s always fun trying out new things after all! But the problem arises when you have gear that isn’t really appropriate to the position you are playing at the moment. Thankfully, there’s the Cutters Game Day Football Glove to provide you with the freedom to play whatever position you like. 

We added this pair to our best football lineman gloves list simply because it has amazing padding for a glove that isn’t constructed for the lineman position. It gets the job done in protecting the player, thanks to its padded material on the back of the hand. These gloves also have amazing tack so if you decide to play a ball-handling position, then you could always use these gloves as well. 

For us, these are the most versatile gloves you can get in the market today. Although we don’t recommend using this for big games, they make great gloves for practice and training. 


  • Can be used no matter what position you play 
  • Provides good quality tack and protection at the same time 
  • Offers a comfortable fit, does not get in the way of hand movements 


  • Not the most durable option on this list 
  • Does not offer the best protection from impact and force

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6. Adidas NastyFAST Football Lineman Gloves

The Adidas NastyFAST is a combination of maximum comfort and protection, making it one of the best gloves to get for linemen and linebackers. It is also NOCSAE-approved which is proof that we aren’t just being biased about these gloves. 

What we loved most about these gloves is its heavy-duty lyrca shell with the smart sectional paddings. It’s a design that ensures the safety and comfort of the user and we believe that it deserves a spot on our list. 

We also love how these gloves have the most unique fabric material out of all the football lineman gloves we’ve seen. The Adidas NastyFAST is made with ventilated neoprene fabric which optimizes the air movement that passes through these gloves as well as its moisture-wicking capabilities. The makers behind these gloves said that it keeps your hands cool and dry and we have come to believe its claims. 

Plus, no glove is ever complete without a bit of tack and because this one is from Adidas, the NastyFAST also comes with the brand’s signature GripTack material. But what’s different about this model is that the GripTack has a two-part palm promising better grip and control. 


  • Keeps the hands cool and dry thanks to its superior moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Comes with an ultra durable lycra shell for maximum protection
  • Has smart sectional paddings to dampen force and impact 


  • Getting a custom fit is tricky for users with smaller or larger hands 
  • Takes a bit of time to break into

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7. Football Lineman’s Heavy Duty Dura-Tack Padded Football Gloves

If you’re looking for the stickiest lineman gloves in the market today, then the Football Lineman’s Heavy Duty Dura-Tack Football Gloves is the solution for you. Plenty of people think that tack is something only wide receivers need to pay attention to. But just because linemen are more involved in the scrimmage, that does not mean that they can’t benefit from a bit of tack.

That said, these gloves are the best when it comes to providing an optimal grip for linemen. They have been approved by NCAA and NFSH standards and we also believe that they deserve a second look. At first glance, these gloves may not seem like much. But thanks to its signature Dura-Tack leather palm, these gloves offer durability and a tight grip like no other.

When it comes to providing protection, the Football Lineman’s Heavy Duty Dura-Tack Football Gloves also come with a padded back as well as a padded thumb and palm. Interestingly, these paddings also come with flex joints which gives users more flexibility and maneuverability despite the bulkiness that a regular pair of lineman gloves usually come with. 


  • Meets NCAA and NFHS standards
  • As the name suggests, it is durable with high-quality tack 
  • Comes with ample padding for protection and with flex joints for flexibility 


  • Needs work with offering better protection from impact
  • Getting the right fit isn’t very easy 

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8. Barnett FLG-02 Fit Linemen Football Gloves

If comfort is your first priority in a pair of gloves, then there’s plenty of reasons to get the Barnett FLG-02. We know how difficult it is to find a pair of football lineman gloves that’s comfortable enough to wear. Most of them are too heavy and bulky, especially because of the added weight. But that is totally not the case with the Barnett FLG-02; these gloves are soft, lightweight, and extra comfortable. 

But don’t get us wrong – just because it emphasizes comfort, that doesn’t mean that it falls short in terms of performance and protection. The Barnett FLG-02 has a neoprene grip on the palms, adding to its tack and control. The reinforced foam padding on the back of the hand is not just there to provide a soft cushion against impact, but it is also flexible enough for maneuverability as well. Plus, the rubber protection on the fingers and the palms really add to the overall protection of the Barnett FLG-02. 

In our opinion, these gloves are the best to get if you want to have the best of both worlds but you are on a tight budget. The Barnett FLG-02 is best used for practice and training so if you’ve just begun playing football, then this may be the best option for you as well. 


  • One of the most affordable options on our list
  • Made with reinforced padding on the back of hand for protection and flexibility
  • Soft, lightweight, and comfortable to use 


  • Not the most durable gloves on our list 
  • Not ideal for rigorous games; does not handle impact as well as the others 

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9. NIKE Youth D-Tack 6.0 Lineman Gloves

Here’s one for the young footballers playing the lineman position. We think that the NIKE D-Tack 6.0 Lineman Glove is the best for youth linemen simply because it has all the makings of a good quality glove. First, it is important to note that it is SFIA-certified so rest assured, your young future football stars are fully protected by the NIKE D-Tack 6.0 Lineman Gloves. 

In our opinion, the best thing about these gloves is its gel padding. Most gloves use foam pads but the gel padding technology on the NIKE D-Tack 6.0 truly enhances the protection from high-impact collisions. The seams of the fingertips also help reduce hindrances in movements, giving the user an improved range of motion. The added adjustable cuff provides a custom fit that truly matches the measurements of your hands. And when it comes to tack, the NIKE D-Tack has got you covered with its high-quality hydra grip. 

In conclusion, we think that these gloves have everything that a youth player would need to succeed in the game. We think that this is one of the most versatile football gloves a youth player can own and it is definitely worth a shot. 


  • Improves grip with high-quality hydra grip technology 
  • Promotes easy movement and a wide range of motion
  • The adjustable cuff adds to the custom fit of the gloves 


  • Does not provide optimum protection from impact 
  • Not as breathable as other football lineman gloves 
  • Needs work in wicking moisture 

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10. Under Armour Combat II Half Finger Lineman Gloves

Did you know that some professional linemen actually prefer the feel of half finger gloves? According to them, this type of glove allows them a more natural feel when catching or handling the ball. Sadly, half finger gloves are quite the rarity in the market and so far, the Under Armour Combat II is the best one that we have found. 

This glove is the champion when it comes to breathability and flexibility. The perforated padding makes the Under Armour Combat II lightweight and excellent in moisture management, also thanks to the reinforced HeatGear gussets included in these gloves. And when it comes to protection, users will benefit from the convenient hook and loop closure at the wrists. 

Of course, these gloves will not be complete without the UA-exclusive GrabTack material. So if you are looking for a pair of half-finger gloves that have everything a lineman would need to succeed in the next football game. 


  • Meets the NFHS and NCAA standards 
  • One of the rare half-finger gloves in the market today
  • Feels natural and comfortable; lightweight yet durable at the same time


  • Does not have extra support for the wrists 
  • Getting the right fit is tricky
  • Does not allow plenty of room for a more custom fit

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Buying Guide

Believe it or not, hand and wrist injuries are some of the most common types of football-related accidents. These incidents may not be as fatal as head concussions but injuring oneself during a game can definitely affect the whole team’s performance. 

Do yourself and your team a favor by coming to the game fully prepared and protected. And now the problem is, how can you find the best football lineman gloves? We’ve gathered a few buying tips for your shopping convenience. We know how challenging it is especially with the many good quality options there are in the market. But we hope our mini buying guide could make your decision-making process a little bit easier. 

Prioritize Your Safety

We can’t stress enough how important lineman gloves are for the player’s safety in the field. With that in mind, it is essential that you find a pair that is durable, reliable, and most of all prepared to take in the impact of the scrimmage. 

There are plenty of football gloves out there that promise full protection. But don’t be fooled by thick padding alone. As much as possible, get a pair of gloves that have been tested and approved by experts in the field. Read reviews and make durability one of your top priorities. Not only because you want to get the most value out of your money, but also because you want to feel secure about your safety every time you step into the field. 

Measure Your Hands 

Like any other type of football gear, getting the right size and fit means everything. Owning a pair of gloves that are too tight to loose will have a negative impact on your play. To avoid this, you simply need to take accurate measurements of your hand. 

Sadly, many still struggle with getting the right fit of gloves. This is most probably because of the varying sizing charts companies have. One brand may have gloves with sizes that run smaller than the others, so it isn’t a wise idea to insist that your size is a medium or a small. It is still better to get the numerical measurements of your hands to get the best fitting gloves. 

The good news is, getting the right measurements for your gloves is actually pretty easy. Find our mini step-by-step guide below to learn how. You can also watch this video below for more information:

Breaking Into Your Gloves 

Some gloves may stretch or expand after a couple of uses. But don’t worry, this is not an indicator of a bad quality glove but rather, it has everything to do with the material used to construct the gloves. Before purchasing a pair of football lineman gloves, ask if the material undergoes any type of change as time passes. 

When the fabric material expands, your gloves might also become larger in size, therefore, messing the overall fit of your gloves. If you plan to purchase a pair of football lineman gloves that will eventually expand, you may need to buy a size smaller than your actual measurement. 

Focus On Your Needs 

Comfort is everything when it comes to sports gear. You need to feel your best in order to perform better on the field. That said, find out what works for you instead of focusing on the tons of features companies are trying to sell to you. Ventilation, for example, is something plenty of linemen would want to have on their gloves. All that extra padding doesn’t allow plenty of air into the gloves, making them more prone to the growth of bacteria due to sweat and dirt buildup. If this is something you are concerned about, look for options that try to solve these issues. At the end of the day, the best football lineman gloves should address your needs first. 


Do linemen need football gloves?

For a very long time, almost everyone in the football world thought that gloves were not a necessity. But as brands continue to produce new designs and technology, footballers are realizing how useful they can be in improving their performance and in preventing injuries. 

That said, we think that linemen need football gloves especially because their roles require extra protection. Without football gloves, they are fully exposed to potential accidents and risks for hand and wrist injuries. Like any other sports gear, the gloves are meant to not only enhance the user’s performance but also ensure their safety while at play. 

What kind of football gloves do NFL linemen use?

Most players at the NFL and even college-level footballers prefer to have gloves that do not cover the top half of the fingers. According to them, this type of gloves allows the most natural feel and grip from your hands. Unfortunately, not a lot of companies produce them because the market for them isn’t very large. Perhaps it is due to the fact that they do not provide the same protection as full-fingered gloves do. But if you are a competitive player with a devil may care attitude, then you may want to give the half-fingered gloves a try.  

How do football lineman gloves protect the player? 

A closer look at linemen gloves and you’ll find many distinct qualities that may differ from other types of football gloves. Linemen gloves tend to be larger, heavier, and more robust than receiver gloves. This is mostly due to their extra padding and cushions. 

As mentioned before, the main purpose of lineman gloves is to provide protection for the players. A good pair of gloves will have padding that not only covers the hand but it can also absorb impact from the blows of an attack. 

For more information, check out this video:

How do you size football lineman gloves? 

Lineman gloves will always feel differently from receiver gloves. While receiver gloves tend to be a bit thinner, lineman gloves are thicker and stuffier due to the padding. That said, the perfect fit for football lineman gloves isn’t just about the size but also about the fit. 

The first step is to find the correct size of gloves for your hand. To do this, you need a measuring tape and perhaps the help of a friend if you find it a struggle to measure on your own. Start from the bottom of your palm and end at the tip of your middle finger. Most brands measure in inches so you might want to measure accordingly to get an accurate result. 

The next step is to try on the gloves when you can. 

As you know, the padding might make the gloves feel a bit tighter than you expect. When choosing the best football lineman gloves for you, remember that your gloves should be snug. It should not be too tight that it suffocates your hands or hinder you from movement. 

If you feel that the gloves are a bit too tight, try going one size up or half a size when available. All brands have varying sizing charts so don’t be afraid to try on larger sizes just because your size was a medium on a different brand. 

Can a lineman use football receiver gloves instead?

There’s nothing wrong about using a single type of gloves for all positions of football. As long as it does not go against the rules of your league, then there shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to participation in the game. However, do take note that playing with the wrong type of gloves can greatly affect your performance. 

Receiver gloves tend to be stickier than lineman gloves and as a lineman, you might not have a lot of opportunities to use this feature to its full extent. Besides, receiver gloves also have less padding in them, making you more vulnerable to injury. Use these gloves at your own risk but if you ask us, we do not recommend using receiver gloves for the lineman position.

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