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A Review of the 7 Best Golf Wrist Braces (Buyer’s Guide)

Your choice of golf wrist brace determines how fast your wrist can heal and how protected you are from further injury. The best golf wrist brace grants better support, protection, and value for money – therefore, I selected the best seven golf wrist braces after carefully reviewing.

Topping the list is the Fitted Wrist Brace by Mueller. The product offers excellent support with flexibility of movement, allowing you to work comfortably without pain. Mueller’s is followed by the Patented Wrist Support by WristWidget, which is more expensive but worth the price.

This guide provides a clear and thorough review to help you make an informed decision. Criteria for selection and ranking covered level of support, flexibility, sizes, best fit, and cost, among others. I recommend you to go for the product that best meets your requirements.

Out of our list of seven best golf wrist for golfers, these three stand out.




Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace


Patented Wrist Support by WristWidget


Premium Copper Lined Wrist Support by Dr. Arthritis

Best Golf Wrist Braces

#1 Best Choice: Mueller’s Fitted Wrist Brace

Mueller’s Green Fitted Wrist Brace is made from soft, lightweight fabric, making it comfortable for all-day wear. The brace provides appropriate wrist support and helps treat carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis.




#2. Top Performance: WristWidget’s Patented Wrist Support

WristWidget’s Patented Wrist Support seems made for TFCC pain only, but it provides better relief for ulnar-sided wrist pain and rotation/extension injuries.

WristWidget’s Wrist Support is constructed to provide adequate support and healing without interfering with regular daily activities. As a plus, it comes in four attractive colors, and it’s a one-size-fits-most product.




#3. Can’t Count It Out – Premium Copper-Lined Wrist Support by Dr. Arthritis

The Premium Copper-Lined Wrist Support is made by doctors to speed up the healing process and reduce pain during a workout.

Its use extends to a range of wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb arthritis, and wrist strain/sprain. It is made with a comfortable copper-lined neoprene material for better support. And as a plus, the product comes with a handbook detailing wrist exercises for faster healing.




Other Golf Wrist Braces We Reviewed

#4. Vive Wrist Brace for Men and Women

Vive’s Wrist Brace is made from breathable neoprene material and has a removable splint for flexibility. It has an adjustable lightweight design, which makes it comfortable for all-day wear.

The two straps make it easier to customize compression to provide the right support. However, the chemicals used in making the brace have a slight odor, which may be uncomfortable.

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#5. Adjustable Wrist Strap and Support by BraceUp

BraceUp’s Adjustable Wrist Strap and Support is made with antimicrobial treated neoprene-blend materials to minimize odor.

The Wrist Support fits both left and right wrists, and allows for flexibility of movement. It has a moisture-absorbing fabric, which makes it suitable for sweaty palms. But it might seem bulky and hard to secure tightly with one hand.

#6. Compression Wrist Support by McDavid

McDavid’s Compression Wrist Support is the appropriate product for people with neoprene allergies. It fits both wrists and has an adjustable strap for customizable compression.

This wrist brace is made with a lightweight elastic fabric to boost comfort and provide mild support making it less suitable for heavy wrist support.

#7. Wrist Support Wraps by AidBrace

AidBrace’s Wrist Support Wraps is made with soft neoprene material which wicks moisture and keeps the wrists dry. It has rolled edges, providing a good fit, and allowing maximum comfort.

The 2-pack wraps fit both wrists and are suitable for a range of wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The brace may be loose around the thumb and may not be ideal for long term use.

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What to Consider When Buying When Buying Golf Wrist Brace

For the best results, it is great to consider certain factors before you purchase a golf wrist brace. These factors help you make a better and informed decision for the right buy.

The right brace protects you from further harm, helps heal your hand, and allows you to practice without pain. Here are some of these important factors to look out for.


The material is an essential factor to consider, especially if you have specific skin allergies. The material also contributes to the overall level of comfort and weight.

Accessible materials used for most braces include neoprene, nylon mesh, silicone gel, and bamboo charcoal blend. Neoprene is most preferred because it is breathable, lightweight, prevents moisture build-up, and resists stretching.


The type of golf wrist brace to go for depends on the kind of wrist pain you want to treat. The type of golf wrist brace also contributes to the comfort and ease of fastening.

Most wrapping braces use Velcro straps to secure the golf brace to the wrist. The compression wrist sleeves are comfortable to wear and deliver mild compression to target points. The Wrap and Sleeve types offer both features making it easy to adjust compression without losing the grip.


The size of the golf wrist brace is the primary factor that determines the level of compression and fit. The wrong size will either lead to inflammation of the skin or provide little support. It’s best to go for golf wrist braces that come in various sizes and with adjustable straps.

Level of Support

Each golf wrist brace is meant to provide a certain level of support to wrists. This level of support determines the kind of wrist pain or problem the brace treats.

The level of support ranges from mild to moderate and finally to the maximum. Wrist braces with soft backing are perfect for soft tendon injuries. Fractures or severe sprains require supportive braces with a maximum level of support.

Quality and Comfort

Quality and comfort is a factor that is heavily dependent on the type of product, material used, and size. The definitions vary but mostly include breathability, non-obtrusive, the right fit, among others.

It’s best to go for flexible, lightweight, and breathable golf wrist braces with customizable support. Braces with a copper lining also reduce the possibility of inflammation.

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Brace adjustability further increases support and comfort. A good and adjustable golf wrist brace provides better fit and compression for most wrist sizes.

Some braces come with an added splint which can be removed to reduce compression. Braces that are easily adjusted with one hand are better choices.

Common Wrist Golf Injuries and Type of Golf Brace for Treatment

Golf injuries to the wrist are mostly as a result of overuse, traumatic blows, and fractures. Below is a list of the common golf wrist injuries experienced by golfers and the types of braces for treating them.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve is compressed or squeezed, causing numbness, pain, and tingling in hand. [1] Most Wrist braces and some thumb braces with metal splints can provide relief to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Sprain

Wrist Sprains are common among athletes and usually occurs when the player uses his hand to break a fall or grip an object suddenly. It is also common with existing ligament injuries. A firm wrist support brace is needed to keep the hand in place and allow the speedy recovery. 

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Tendonitis occurs when the muscle tendons are inflamed or irritated. The key to a speedy recovery from tendonitis is to provide appropriate rest, compression, and support to the hand.

Healing is gradual and might take several days. Hence a compression wrist strap that is adjustable, breathable, and lightweight should be a preferred option.


Fractures are common with athletes that take part in high-risk sporting activities such as football and skiing.

They take a long while to heal and require the use of a splint to hold the arm in place and restrict movement. A thumb and wrist support with a metal splint is preferable because it keeps the arm in place until full recovery.

Sports Strain

Muscle strains stem from over-use of the hand and may prevent full use of the arm. This is usually seen in sports activities like golf, cricket, and tennis that puts excessive pressure on the wrists.

The key to a quick recovery is to stabilize the joints and improve blood flow. [2] Wrist supports and wrist sleeve supports can provide such stability while allowing you to continue your normal activity.

Workout Pain

Workout activities, especially weightlifting, and some yoga exercises cause similar pain as sports strains. This can hinder a normal workout and may prevent you from completing tasks. Wrist supports and wrist sleeve supports are also needed to provide stability and improve blood flow. There are wrist braces made specifically for working out and other braces for weight lifting.


Your wrist brace should fit just comfortably on your wrist without causing further pain. When it is too tight, it may cause inflammation. If it is loose, you will not get appropriate support.

Some wrist injuries may require you to keep on the braces at night to help the hand recover faster. But heavy-duty braces are not suitable for such and may cause discomfort. Go for lightweight and breathable wrist braces for better comfort.

You should change your wrist brace when it offers little or no support, smells, or is no longer healthy for use. Your wrist brace is still useful as long as it is still effective and comfortable. 

Yes, wrist braces are more effective than taping. Taping the wrist may seem like a cheaper alternative, but braces offer better support. Braces are made of thicker and longer-lasting materials that provide adequate support and are also adjustable.

Final Words

Golf wrist braces are not only for golf players. These wrist braces have a variety of uses, which can help heal, protect, and provide comfort no matter which sport or exercise activity you participate in. The wrist braces you see above are the seven best golf wrist braces you can buy. So, stop straining your wrist — get yourself a wrist brace now!

Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace

Our #1 Best Choice for Wrist Braces

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