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The Best Place to Buy Cheap NFL Jerseys (Buyer’s Guide)

There’s no more obvious sign of your fandom, loyalty, and devotion to your favorite NFL team than wearing the team’s jersey.

However, the problem is that NFL jerseys can be expensive – very expensive. Some jerseys can cost upwards to $200, which for some people, can make you have to choose between supporting your team… or eating instant ramen for the next couple of months.

Luckily, I’m  here to help you not have to make that choice. I’ve researched, compiled and curated the best places to buy cheap NFL jerseys. If you’re in a rush, read over to DHgate for the best overall store if you’re in a rush!



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Best For Chinese Vendors


Best For American Vendors


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Best Place to Buy Cheap NFL Jerseys

Best Overall: DHgate

DHgate is a wholesale marketplace website that facilitates the sale of manufactured goods between buyers and sellers. You’ll be able to shop directly from sellers, and you’ll find hundreds of suppliers selling authentic and replica NFL jerseys at discounted prices.

DHgate is ideal for avoiding scams as your payment is only released to the seller after you’ve received your NFL jersey and is satisfied with its condition.

However, keep in mind that many of the jerseys you will find on DHgate are likely to be knock-off jerseys. This means that while you will enjoy lower-than-retail prices, with jerseys selling anywhere between the range of $17 to $35, you are also more likely to get a lower quality jersey.

Still, considering most authentic NFL jerseys cost roughly around $200, you might find that the decrease in quality justifies the price. That is why I have chosen DHgate as my best overall option, as the prices on their jerseys cannot be beat by any other marketplace. 

What’s more, many NFL jerseys are actually cheaper if you buy through the DHgate app, which is available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

With regard to shipping, it is typically free of charge, and most sellers usually ship out within 3 to 4 business days. However, as much of the stock is in China, you may have to wait upwards of 30 days to receive your NFL jersey – so be aware when buying a jersey on DHgate if you’re planning on wearing it to the stadium the following Sunday.

Many of the sellers also offer favorable return policies, where buyers can receive a partial refund and keep the jersey if it arrives not as described on the product description or has quality issues.

You can simply message the seller through the DHgate website or app within 30 days since the jersey was received and your return request will be honored.



Best For Chinese Vendors: Aliexpress

Aliexpress is another cost-effective e-commerce marketplace where you can find hundreds and hundreds of NFL jerseys for cheaper than retail.

You’ll be able to find any kind of jersey you’re looking for, with screen printed player names and graphics, for as low as $10 to 20.


Pro-Tip: When searching for jerseys, do not search for “nfl jerseys”, as this will not offer you the best results. Instead, search for the specific player name and/or team, such as “Tom Brady Buccaneers jersey”.

Also, you’ll only be able to find jerseys for some of the league’s most popular players – so Nick Foles fans will be out of luck.

Most jerseys on Aliexpress are likely to be knock-offs, so keep in mind that you are trading quality for price. 

Many of the sellers on Aliexpress also offer full customization options, so you can get your family name on the back of your favorite team’s jersey, if you wish.

Like DHgate, Aliexpress also has an app where you can get discounted prices.

When it comes to shipping, jerseys typically ship 3 to 7 business days after ordering. However, as Aliexpress is headquartered in China, you may not receive your jersey until as long as 50 days after purchase. Be sure to check the on-delivery rate of the seller before purchasing to ensure you’ll receive your jersey when you’re supposed to.



Best For American Vendors: Amazon is one of the Big Four American tech companies, alongside Google, Apple, and Microsoft, which works much in the same way as other e-commerce marketplaces.

When it comes to safety football gears, has an NFL Shop that carries fan gear from every single team in the NFL.

You’ll find everything here for your game-day needs–from caps and hats, headbands, sunglasses, scarves, socks, wristbands, sweatshirts, hoodies and, of course, jerseys–all available at everyday low prices.

You can head on over to the NFL fan shop and use the filter options to search from cheapest price to highest.

You’ll notice that many of the jerseys on the NFL Fan Shop are sold by Outerstuff. Outerstuff is a licensed distributor of the NFL, so the jerseys you see are legitimate products.

I personally recommend that you make it a habit of checking out customer reviews before purchasing. Most of the time, you can simply scroll down on a product page to receive feedback on other people’s experiences with the product.

This is important because, even if Amazon has measures to prevent fraud, some products can be pictured in the “best possible light” and can appear to be made of better quality online than in reality.



Hidden Gem: eBay

eBay is a great place to find second-hand jerseys, although there are also sellers on the marketplace who sell original, authentic jerseys.

Prices depend on what consumers are willing to pay for, but you are likely to find an NFL jersey at a quarter of the regular retail price.

The jerseys available on auction range from new jerseys to vintage jerseys, all the way to rare jerseys with unusual player names. eBay marketplace is ever-evolving so you’ll always get a wide range of options when it comes to jerseys.

However, most sellers use eBay primarily to make money (and not just auction off old items), so a lot of the jerseys are geared towards what’s popular. So, you are more likely to find a Tom Brady jersey than a Brandon Graham jersey, for instance.

Like Amazon, eBay has a specific section for its ecommerce site that is devoted to NFL fan gear. You can shop NFL jerseys, hats, flags and fan gear, including new and used collectibles and apparel from your favorite teams and players.

As with Amazon, you will want to practice some discretion with your purchases. Some items may look better than they actually are.

This is particularly important to keep in mind with jerseys. Note that most counterfeit sellers only offer poor quality images of the jersey for sale, or a stock photo from the NFL shop.



Are These Independent NFL Jerseys Stores Legit?

I think is legit and safe for consumers when purchasing NFL jerseys. However, judging from online reviews and the fact that the jerseys are so cheap, it is very likely that their jerseys here are knock-offs.

There are a number of red flags, such as the fact that an SSL certificate is not identified and the technical performance of the website is below average. However, overall, the website has been active for more than 4 years.

You usually wouldn’t trust a website that has been online for less than 4 months, but the fact that has been around for so long is an indication that it has a happy and satisfied customer base.

I find that is probably legitimate, but you should always do your due diligence when using this website.

That is mainly because the registrar of is used by spammers and scammers. Plus the website seems to be operated from a high-risk country and as many as 3 countries are involved in this set-up.

However, the website does have an SSL certificate and the website has been up for almost 5 years, which are typical signs of authenticity. 

The jerseys found here are definitely knock-offs, so be sure to scrutinize the jersey in the picture to make sure it is of good quality. seems legit, as there is no proven record of the site selling fake jerseys, an SSL certificate has been found, and the website has existed for almost 6 years. This means that the site has a customer base that is returning and driving traffic to the site, indicating that most consumers are satisfied with their purchases.

However, the jerseys here are definitely knock-offs, and you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

What Are Some Of The Most Legit Stores For Cheap NFL Jerseys?

As Fanatics is an official partner of the NFL, its price point is a little steeper than its wholesale marketplace competitors, with jerseys rising in the $100+ price range. However, with Fanatics, you do get the peace of mind knowing that what you’re paying for is a high-quality piece of official gear that will last longer than just a season or a few washes.

The best way to shop on is to check their clearance page and use an online coupon code. That can knock your price down by some 25%. 

Fanatics also has jerseys pretty much for every team and player combination available, as well as customization options, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the jersey you’re looking for.

Read our full review on Fanatics for more information.

Dicks Sporting Goods

Dicks Sporting Goods is one of the premier retailers of NFL fan gear. They have a ton of jerseys, hoodies, T-shirts and hats, and if you find a lower price on NFL apparel anywhere else, they will match the price.

Aside from apparels, they also carry other sports gears such as exclusive football helmetstop rated cleats, and the coolest football gloves.

However, when buying online, the website has received considerable negative feedback on its payment method and with orders being delivered late, in bad condition, or altogether lost. Therefore, I recommend you use caution when buying something from their website.

NFL Shop

NFL Shop is definitely legitimate, as it is the official website of the NFL. In fact, you will see a number of commercials for the NFL Shop whenever you are watching the NFL Network. All of the jerseys there come as advertised, so you do not need to worry about getting scammed.

However, the NFL Shop reviews online indicate that consumers are severely dissatisfied with their purchases. The most common issues with the NFL Shop revolve around their customer service, which is not as good as expected by fans.

My Opinion

My personal opinion is that DHgate is the best place to buy cheap NFL jerseys online.

The main reason for this is that the jerseys, although typically knock-offs, are of high-quality, with some sellers even selling hand-stitched jerseys that look just like the authentic versions.

Of course, if you’re searching for an original jersey, then you’re better off going with a licensed store, like Amazon or

The only drawback to using their licensed stores is that the jerseys are often more expensive, which defeats the point. Plus the jerseys that they do have on clearance are limited in options in terms of teams and player names.

The jerseys on DHgate, meanwhile, look like authentic replica NFL jerseys, with screen-printed names and numbers and come at a budget that won’t make your wallet cry.

Are you interested to know more about the best football protective gears? Check out our articles on the football girdles with knee pads, and football ankle support.


Yes, even the cheap jerseys on the NFL Shop are legitimate. The NFL Shop is a licensed manufacturer of NFL gear, so all of their jerseys are authentic.

These jerseys are made of high-quality hand-stitched threads and the replica jerseys feature screen-printed numbers, though you pay more in price than if you had bought a knock-off jersey.

Most of the jerseys on Amazon are real. You might find some less-than-scrupulous sellers on the website if you type in a generic search like “cheap NFL jerseys”. However, if the retailer is Outerstuff, then the jerseys are coming from an officially licensed manufacturer. 

Final Words

Overall, with millions of members trading NFL fan gear since 2004, DHgate is the most consumer-friendly and most scam-proof website to purchase cheap NFL jerseys.

There are plenty of people selling perfectly legitimate-looking NFL jerseys at discounted prices. Plus, the platform handles the transaction so that money is not exchanged until the buyer is satisfied. Still, as you go through the buying process, have some healthy skepticism about the product you’re about to purchase. With that, you should be able to weed out the real from the fake. 

Check out DHgate here for all of your cheap NFL jersey needs!


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