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A Database for Scholarships? A Full Review of Cappex

Cappex provides free, helpful tools for high schoolers searching for scholarship opportunities. Most high school football players will surely appreciate the database of scholarships they offer, as this will help match them to scholarships that could assist in paying off their tuition.

Read this comprehensive Cappex review to determine if and how it can help you land a scholarship and play college football!

Overview of Cappex

Cappex helps prospective and current students have access to higher education by making the scholarship application process easy. Moreover, colleges can even get in touch with you if your profile meets their qualifications and what they are looking for, which is a nice bonus.

Cappex works by you filling out a profile, wherein they will match you to appropriate scholarships and other financial aid sources. How exact those matches depend on how much information you give them, so football players should DEFINITELY mention their athletic skills when filling out a profile.

At the end of the day, this is a legit product and an absolute godsend to high school seniors looking for financial aid sources. Researching can be a burden for some (note: everyone), especially with the end of high school looming and all the changes seniors have to go through.


Makes managing college opportunities very simple and easy.
Provides access to scholarships you might have otherwise missed.
Sorting through matches is easy and UI is intuitive.


The Dashboard is a little cluttered if you have A LOT of matches.
Potentially sells your information to third party sponsors such as colleges and related sites.

For this Cappex review, I made a dummy account, entering basic information, and playing around with the algorithms. Keep reading if you’re interested in seeing what my results were.

What Should I Consider Before Using Cappex?

Finding Scholarships

Cappex is made primary for students who want to find the best scholarships available for them. Football players hoping to make the leap from high school to college can also use Cappex to match themselves to scholarships and other financial aid sources, so it’s important that you put in as much information into your profile as possible.

Finding Schools & Financial Aid

Cappex also uses your profile to match you to different schools. This gives players a chance to scan the scholarships and schools they’ve matched up with and make informed decisions about where is best to go, based entirely on their own set of circumstances and profiles.

Moreover, Cappex also offers free articles on financial aid, general advice of utilizing databases to find scholarships, and research tools to find the right college for you.

Keep in mind…

That if you’re a football player, you’re likely to have been scouted by a college scout if they are interested in bringing you into their program.

That means that if you are using Cappex primarily as a tool to get into a footballing program, you’ve likely missed the boat. Most schools do not offer football scholarships through the Cappex portal.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use Cappex if you’re a college football hopeful though. You just shouldn’t use it if you’re only using it to match football scholarships. Instead, you need a good mix of academics and athletics to find success on Cappex.

What Are The Features and Benefits of Using Cappex?

#1 Dashboard

The dashboard is super easy to use and does not require much in the way of learning to use it optimally.

As soon as you complete your profile, the dashboard will populate with colleges that match your profile, as well as colleges that have messaged you, along with a scholarship notifications bar. At the top of the page, you’ll find a separate tab for scholarships that you are matched with and can apply for.

It would have been nice for scholarships to populate on the same dashboard as everything else, as opposed to a separate tab. This cuts down on navigation, which can sometimes feel overwhelming on Cappex.

Another bummer is that even though the notifications bar tells you when you’ve matched or received a scholarship, the actual bar does not link you to the scholarship page. Instead, you have to manually search for the scholarship and find the page through your search engine.

Moreover, there is nothing that overtly distinguishes football scholarships from non-football scholarships, so players will have to do a little bit of digging to find the scholarships they are really after.

#2 Scholarship Portal

The Scholarship Portal is great because it links you with an easy-to-read list of all the scholarships you’ve been matched to. Remember, the more you fill out your profile, the better the matches!

In the portal, you can click on any of the links to learn more about the scholarship, what its application requirements are, and even how many other people are applying to the same scholarship!

You will also be able to view scholarships you have not been matched to, and there are easy-to-access portals that will take you to those scholarship pages where you can see if this scholarship is a good match for you.

The downside, once again, is that there is no clear-cut way to distinguish or filter football related scholarships from every other academic scholarship. It can take quite some time to manually filter through yourself, especially when it’s not uncommon to get 150+ scholarship matches.

Moreover, editing your Profile Page is a bit of a hassle once you create an account. Because the Scholarship Portal is based on your profile, this can be a paint point for some users trying to narrow their search or make edits to their profile.

#3 College Profiles

Cappex not only matches you to scholarships but also to colleges. This is pretty cool if you’re a regular academic student, because you can click on a college’s profiles and read up on all sorts of statistics like tuition rates. Plus, you can even schedule a trip to a college right from the college’s profile page!

For football players, the downside is that there is nothing on the college’s profile page that will tell you anything about the football program, and especially nothing that you could not find by simply doing a Google search.

#4 Resources & Blogs

Cappex also offers a number of financial aid advice, articles on how to decide what to major in, what you should look for in a college, etc. This is great, but a recurring theme is that these articles are not particularly tailored to athletes and football players more specifically.

So the end result is that there are a lot of articles to sift through before really finding the one or two that directly apply to you.

#5 Deactivation

We have to mention that deactivating your account, while a relatively simple and painless process, does not truly “remove” your account from Cappex’s database.

What does that mean? It means that Cappex definitely uses your information and sells it to third party sponsors such as colleges and other related sites.

In this day and age, this is simply unacceptable for many. Therefore, if you do decide to get a Cappex account, we recommend making a separate email account because, even if you deactivate your account, you are most definitely going to get a whole lot of spam. 

What Are They Saying About Cappex?

Here are some photos of what people on the Internet had to say about using Cappex:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Words

Cappex has become a popular scholarship database for many prospective students in recent years, and overall it is a good website with plenty of in-depth articles and profiles for your perusal.

Football players, on the other hand, will find Cappex useless, unless those players do not plan on entering college as student-athletes.

The truth of the matter is that most football scholarships do not even make the Cappex database, as these are typically hand-picked for certain special high school players who excel on the gridiron. That means that if you weren’t offered a scholarship for football straight out of high school, then you’ve likely missed the boat.

Moreover, there is not a lot of information on specific football programs and the like, which makes it not so useful for players seeking certain information.

Product Review: 2 out of 5 stars.

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