Hilarious New Kings Cup Rules To Try At Your Next Party

Otherwise known as Circle of Death or Ring of Fire, Kings Cup is one of the most popular party games because of it’s ice-breaking ability. The premise of Kings Cup is very simple – all you need is a deck of cards, a pint glass and a group of willing participants with drinks in their hands. … Read moreHilarious New Kings Cup Rules To Try At Your Next Party

All The Beer Pong Games You Never Knew Existed

Beer Pong is one of those games that’s a perfect icebreaker for a party or tailgate. But as the has grown in popularity across the country, more variations begun to pop up. Check out all of the different variations of beer pong you can try at your next tailgate … Wormhole Pong This is just one of seven beer pong … Read moreAll The Beer Pong Games You Never Knew Existed

Tailgate Machines – Converted School Buses

Some people tailgate with RV’s, some people pop-up tents, and then there’s the tailgaters that convert school buses into tailgating masterpieces. To them tailgating is an art form, and a way of life. Gameday’s are as holy as church on Sundays, and their bus is the Cathedral. Here’s a look at a handful of tailgating … Read moreTailgate Machines – Converted School Buses

Florida Gator Tailgating “Master” Piece

Converting a school bus into a tailgating machine is no small feat, just ask Keith Moody, creator of this bad unit. They don\’t call it the \”Master Gator\” for no reason. If a completely custom interior, full sound system, flat screen TV\’s, bathroom, and A/C weren\’t enough to get your tailgate juices flowing, how does … Read moreFlorida Gator Tailgating “Master” Piece