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Fancaverugs – Review, Rating & Feedback

Fancaverugs is an online store that specializes in selling different types of NFL merchandise, ranging from rugs, foot mat, fishing chairs, football, jersey, table lamps, wall arts, blanket, canopy, coolers, bags and lots more, all with NFL team logos on them. Looking to shop for a complete set of fan cave merchandise to beautify your home?? You have come to the right place, this article will help you in making a decision. 


Judging by the name, they aim at providing football fans with all-round merchandise to beautify their home. They sell various home merchandise with team logos on them at an affordable price, ranging from rugs, foot mats, table lamps, wall arts, and all sorts to beautify your home. They also sell bedroom merchandise for fans that would love to decorate their bedroom with their favorite NFL team merchandise such as blankets, pillowcase, table cover to mention a few.

They are an experienced e-commerce online store that is passionate about sports, the trend of the home viewing experience is advancing quickly and continues to shift towards more fan cheering on their favorite teams in the comfort of their own homes. They offer a full set of merchandise as well which contains rug, wall art, blanket, hardback chair, and table lamp. So in their cave, whether you’re a crowd of one or treating your friends and family to the best home tailgate ever. The only thing they’re more obsessed with than their teams is bringing their customers awesome new ways to help them bring their A-game with premium fan merchandise and decoration and making sure you are the champion of your fan cave.

Website details

Their website is user-friendly and has all the products and services they render laid out in alphabetical order to aid easy accessibility and fast navigation of users, they have different options to satisfy their customers, and they work towards it. There are different options to sort out their customer’s needs on the website such as ‘college’ which has all the college teams merchandise available. Others are NBA, NHL and MLB which also makes available the respective team merchandise.

Fancaverugs is an all-out store; they specialize in providing a full set of merchandise for fans who would like to beautify their home or apartment with merchandise of their favorite NFL team. Homes that are decorated with NFL merchandise are mostly referred to as ‘fan caves.’ The price of their merchandise ranges from $40 upwards for wall arts, table lamp, floor mat, canopy and $60 for the rugs; they’ve got a good review and rating from customers both on and offline.

They also deal in other sports merchandise such as NHL, NBA, MLB and even military fan cave merchandise which is not sporty but mainly for people that loves the military outfit or even members of the armed forces. Their military merchandise is a special package that has some added incentives for customers that orders it. You can check out their website to see for yourself what they got to offer and contact them afterward, trust me you would love their service.

Privacy u0026amp; Return Policy

Although it rarely happens but if you don’t like what you get once it delivers then you can return it in its original shape and order another one, or you could ask for a refund which will be processed once the return item has been received

User Feedbacks

  • Ordering from Fancave is easy, I made my order, and the shipping date was specified. I got my merchandise the exact day it was to deliver as I was beginning to doubt them, all in good shape and precise size I ordered. They made me a forever customer right from my first order———- James from Chicago.
  • I have wanted to get a complete bedroom set of Seattle Seahawks merchandise as I didn’t want any fuck-ups, so I searched online on this gracious day. Found their website and proceeded to make my order seeing that they could get me exactly what I wanted, although I didn’t care if it delivered in a month so far I get what I want, then we are cool. All to my surprise, my order got to me 2days before its due date. It was neatly packed and arranged, consist of a rug, table lamp, wall art, chair, back bag, and a hardback seat. Thumbs up guys, am delighted——————– Anna from Detroit.
  • Yea, so I ordered for a rug for my living room against a game that is coming up in a few days. My husband and son are Houston Texan fans, and my son has been disturbing me to get a rug, so I decided to order for one from fan cave. I got the piece on time but in a horrible shape, it was too big, I mean it wasn’t the size I ordered for and also doesn’t look new at all. Really bad service————————– Rachael from Ohio.
  • Really poor customer service, I called in to make a complaint about my order but the attendant was just too rude and impatient. She was saucy and infuriated me that me that I hung up on her. Overall bad service, will never order from them again————Jones from Michigan.
  • Fancave is the best!! I got my order 3days before its delivery day, and it’s exactly what I wanted. I was surprised it shipped that early but its cool!! Thank you guys, would be getting a wall art very soon from them———– Alisson from California.

Fancave is the best and most suitable online store for you to order for a complete set of home merchandise, they offer the best fan cave merchandise at an affordable price with a customer friendly service that looks after the needs of their clients and aims to satisfy them. All you need to do is visit their website and see for yourself.

and inspected to be in its original form. Their privacy policy is in the best interest of their customers as all customers’ details are encrypted and safe while shopping on their website.

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