Andrew Wiggins wants to play Kobe 1-on-1, says he’s ‘closest thing’ to Jordan

When Kobe Bryant burst onto the scene having recently graduated high school and with a giant grin on his face, the newly-minted star was already facing Michael Jordan comparisons.

Now almost 35 years old and rehabbing his surgically-repaired Achilles tendon, Bryant has publicly stated he will be playing in the NBA for at least two more seasons hoping to chase his sixth championship. He is currently one ring short of Jordan’s six.

Another nationally-renowned high school superstar, Andrew Wiggins, has faced a few comparisons of his own already, and like Kobe, he has not shied away from them.

In fact, he would not shy away from Kobe, even if the two were playing 1-on-1.

That is extremely high praise.

The problem for Kobe is, of course, the fact that Wiggins is only the latest in an extremely long line of people to see him as “the closest thing” to MJ.

Obviously, Wiggins was extremely well-meaning and only looking to heap praise upon the Lakers superstar. But that doesn’t mean Bryant is going to take it easy on the 18-year old if and when they face off in a pickup game, or on the NBA hard court come the 2014 season (Wiggins is expected to be the No. 1-overall pick come next year’s draft).

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