Report: Nebraska coach Bo Pelini has reached out to Tennessee has confirmed that Nebraska coach Bo Pelini has in fact reached out to Tennessee regarding the Vols’ open head coaching position.

And why not?

After getting stomped by five-loss Wisconsin, 71-30, in the Big Ten Championship game, the heavily favored Cornhuskers were shut out of the Rose Bowl.

More to the point, countless Huskers fans would love to escort Pelini out of Lincoln.

Not only can everyone read the writing on the wall — Pelini always seems to find himself on the hot seat for one reason or another — but anyone can read all of the zeros the Vols threw out in front of Louisville’s Charlie Strong.

And anyone can see themselves cashing those types of checks.

Thus, while the Tennessee coaching search has been a disaster thus far, the school’s athletic department having already been rejected by Jon Gruden, Mike Gundy and Strong, the millions of dollars awaiting somebody — anybody — in Knoxville may just bring yet another Big Ten coach to the SEC.

Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema skipped out on his $2-plus million annual salary for $3.2 million per year over six years.

Will Pelini get a whopping $4 million out of Tennessee?

Who knows?

All we know right now is that both sides stink of desperation.

And my, oh my, how desperation creates strange bedfellows.

Sources: Throw The Flag Blog

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