Heisman finalist Collin Klein gives a kid the Christmas present to remember

Over Christmas, a family of Kansas State fans were struggling to make ends meet …

Well, we’ll just let Seth’s brother tell the whole story:

I’m not sure if you’ll see this Collin, but I want to say thanks anyways man. You gave my little brother the best Christmas he’s had, and more importantly, you’ve given him hope.

My dad has been out of a job for quite some time, and to pick up the slack my mom has been working three retail jobs. Since my mom was extremely worried she wouldn’t be able to provide good gifts for this Christmas, she tried to come up with other ideas. My brother Seth has always wanted to play for K State. He’s always connected with Collin, since my brother doesn’t currently play QB; but aspires to reach his goal to do so like Collin did. My mom’s friend has a son who goes to K State who left Collin a message about signing this football. Through the greatness of man, these dudes were able to achieve this. Not only that, but apparently this ball was inside a parked car that was hit by a drunk driver. While the car was totaled, this ball somehow survived. It’s an amazing Christmas gift, and my brother broke down into tears after he realized what it really was. He thought it came from a store, and as soon as my mom said no and explained he shed his tears of glory. Here’s a picture of him right before my mom said it’s real . There’s no pictures of him after since he was embarrassed and turned his back around to hide his tears, but you guys did a truly amazing job.

I also especially want to thank the dude(s) who delivered the note to Collin, and worked with the exchange of the ball. I’m sorry about your car man, I hope it all gets easily taken care of for you.

The holidays are so much fun to so many people not entirely because of the presents, but because of the stories behind them; how the gifts both given and received make us all feel.

Collin Klein made Christmas ever so much more special for a family, and a community. Now, he has made all of us feel just a little bit better on yet another Christmas to remember.

And hopefully, the story goes viral to the point where Klein himself sees it and enjoys how he helped make this holiday the best for one dedicated fan.

source: reddit

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