‘Dwight Howard More Useless Than’ hashtag takes over the Twitter-verse

Dwight Howard was ejected from Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs between the Lakers and Spurs. Despite seemingly all of the talent in the world, he was rendered useless once again.

[VIDEO: Dwight Howard ejected from Game 4 in the most Dwight Howard move ever]

How Howard doesn’t already have a reality show is beyond us. The guy is TV drama gold.

Naturally, fans took to Twitter following the ejection and out popped the entertaining hashtag: #DwightHowardMoreUselessThan.

Apparently, the only thing Howard is useful for is entertaining the Twitter-verse.

Enjoy this meme and all of the things that are more useful than Howard.


VIDEO: Kobe Bryant hits the Lakers bench as Dwight Howard hits the locker room

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