Mark Richt walks out of press conference following SEC Championship game

After Gerogia fell to Alabama in an absolute thriller of an SEC Championship Game, 32-28, a reporter asked the inevitable question to an obviously impassioned Mark Richt.

The fact that Richt coached his tail off and his players gave absolutely their all was obvious to anyone watching. However, this member of the sports media was still compelled to ask if Richt and his record-setting quarterback, Aaron Murray, choke in big games.

Losing a heartbreaker is never easy, and we as fans can all sympathise with Richt on this one.

Obviously, Richt felt the same way as he walked off the podium, only to return a few moments later to clarify exactly what the situation was.

It was a hard-fought game between college football heavyweights, but unfortunately for Dawgs Nation, their squad heads back to Athens, bested for the second consecutive season.

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