New Virginia Tech Football Helmets and Camo Uniforms for 2012 Season

The Hokies have joined the “new uniform bandwagon” for the upcoming college football season. We first got a glimpse of the camo themed helmets, then we laid our eyes on the questionable “Hokie Track” helmets, and now, finally, we get a look at the matching camo uniforms.

The Hokies will sport the camo threads on September 22nd for their Military Appreciation game against Bowling Green.

Courtesy of @VTFBEquiment

@VTFBEquipment also tweeted out the following picture of three of the helmets the Hokies will wear this season. The camo theme is a nice addition, but the “Hokie Track” helmets, which are to be worn for VT’s white out game, haven’t been receiving the greatest responses.

Courtesy of @VTFBEquiment

Hokie’s QB Logan Thomas recently Tweeted “Our whiteout helmets are so ugly!”. We may have to agree with Logan’s statement. Seriously, turkey tracks as a design for a football helmet are not exactly stylish.

What are your thought on the Hokie’s new helmets?


2012 Uniform Madness

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