Johnny Manziel reportedly shoves graduate assistant during scrimmage: His desire to win runs deep

Johnny Manziel took the nation by storm in his first season under center for Texas A&M. He led the Aggies to an 11-2 record and a Cotton Bowl victory over Oklahoma, as well as a Heisman Trophy for himself.

Simply put, Manziel has earned quite the reputation since last August, and it seems like the legend grows on a daily basis.

His off-the-field lifestyle has been well documented by now, however, despite the party-boy persona, he always seems to be able to stay out of any real trouble.

On the field, Manziel is a leader and a playmaker. He is as a competitive of a player as you’ll ever find.

On Saturday, that competitiveness got the best of him after throwing three interceptions. Manziel shoved a graduate student on the sidelines, according to

Following his last of three interceptions, on a short pass into the end zone as he ran into the right sidelines, an exuberant graduate assistant jumped up and down within what appeared to be inches of an irate Manziel. So Manziel shoved him. Players and coaches, who were all gathered along the sidelines, quickly separated the Giddy GA and Manziel before anything escalated.

Despite Manziel’s easy going reputation, one thing’s for certain, the guy wants to win, even in spring drills.

For that, you can’t fault him.

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