ESPN’s Mark May takes a shot at Manti Te’o’s ugly NFL combine performance

So here’s the thing about Mark May: The guy’s a halfway decent college football analyst over at ESPN, but after so many years of working alongside Lou Holtz (the only guy who has won a national championship while also being compared to Daffy Duck) he has obviously developed a bias against Notre Dame’s football program.

Either that, or he just genuinely was not impressed with the 2013 NFL Combine performance of former star Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te’o.

Of course, that is reasonable. Te’o came into the tests at Indianapolis 14 pounds under his listed playing weight at school in order to put together faster times. However, when it came time to actually run, Te’o’s 4.82-second 40-yard dash had a lot of pundits shaking their heads.

Here’s the really funny part:

We don’t want to slurp the Tide too much (the entire state of Alabama does that on the regular) but what May says is pretty much true. All five starters along Bama’s offensive line in 2012-13 were All-American-caliber.

They may not all go in the top 10, they will all be making millions.

While May watches from a little booth in Bristol, wiping Holtz’s slobber off his hipster glasses.

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