Atlanta Falcons unveil new potential stadium designs to replace Georgia Dome

The Atlanta Falcons have unveiled several very preliminary designs for what could potentially be the exterior and interior of the team’s new stadium.

The organization recently secured approval from the city to tear down the Georgia Dome (officially opened in 1992) in favor of a new, state-of-the-art stadium.

The stadium itself will cost an estimated $1 billion, with $800 million coming from owner Art Blank and the NFL and another $200 million coming from the city of Atlanta in the form of a hotel-motel tax dollars.

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These initial designs are, well, interesting. There are two basic stadium concepts here: One is the more standard, dome shape (read: spaceship design) and the other looks like an airplane hangar. Both feature retractable roofs. The dome-shaped design features a jagged middle that organizers have termed “the oculus.”

As for the interior pictures, the ring above the playing field with a massive television screen is called the “football in the round.” No, we have no idea how they came up with these names, nor do we know why there is a massive screen set just inches from the faces of potential fans.

Finally, our favorite feature has to be the potential seats. Remember the old rumble packs you plugged into the bottom of Nintendo 64 game controllers? How great would it be to have actual stadium seats that do the exact same thing?

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