Shabazz Muhammad’s birth certificate proves that he is a year older than he led UCLA to believe

Recently, the LA Times released a report that shocked the college basketball world. In it, the fact of UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad’s age not only comes into question, but it actually proven to have been a blatant lie.

His father, Ron Holmes, told the world that Muhammad was born in 1993, when in reality Muhammad was born in 1992.

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The advantages of playing against children a year younger are obvious. But, in case LA Times reporter Ken Bensinger’s discoveries were not, he literally dug up Muhammad’s birth certificate. First, check out the close-up of it, which better details his age.

After that, we have included a picture of the full birth certificate. Finally, below that, we have included a UCLA alphabetical roster, which has Muhammad’s fake age on it for comparison’s sake.

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