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How Much Money Do NFL Waterboys Make On Average?

Many people pursue being a waterboy as a career for a lot of reasons. One of them is making a decent living. So, really, how much do NFL waterboys make? On average, NFL waterboys make $53,000 a year. The “waterboy” title may not sound much, but it’s got a good pay—better, even, for some people in a corporate position. 

Aside from earning good money, they get other perks as well. They get a ton of free gear, souvenirs from players—from jerseys to jockstraps. And they could easily reach out to the team that most fans would literally do anything to get close. 

However, most of the time, teams use waterboys in the more traditional sense by employing interns and family members of the coaches to save money. So, even though football fans can be hired to do the job, it’s a bit tough to find a team that will pay that kind of money. 

What Do NFL Waterboys Do?

According to the name itself, the job description of waterboys pretty much involves making sure that players are hydrated. They provide towels and assist players and coaches as well if ever there’s anything they need—while keeping in mind that they shouldn’t get in the way of the action. Though the job title is called “waterboys,” it is not just limited to the male gender. 

There isn’t much detail on the web about any behind-the-scenes work a waterboy in the NFL does, but they are a vital part of the game. There is a certain set of skill and preparation that is expected of them to be a good assistant to players and coaches alike. 

Also, it looks like they have to, at least, have a high school degree to get qualified. An experience working with a college football team would likely increase the chances of getting hired as well. 

How to Apply for the Job?

If you’re planning to be a waterboy, the smart thing to do is to talk to anyone you know that is involved in professional football. Let people know about your desire to be one, especially with college coaches. Then, introduce yourself politely. 

There’s nothing more efficient than asking your personal connections for assistance in applying as a waterboy on an NFL team. Knowing the right people or making yourself known to them can help speed up the whole hiring process. 

You can also visit the official NFL website and scroll to the bottom of the homepage.[1] Click on the “League” or “Team” link under the Jobs category and select the Internships and Entry Level Positions” link on the side. 

To apply for a position, you must click the highlighted link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include a professional resume and cover letter emphasizing your qualifications and keenness for the position. It’s also a plus to indicate your previous experience as a college football water boy if you have one. Also, find out how much NFL mascots make.

What Redditors Are Saying

Let’s take a sneak peak at what Redditors are saying when they found out how much NFL waterboys are earning.[2]  Below are some of their interesting comments:

“I’m starting to think I failed as an adult..” 
– by JustAMick2U

“TIL Waterboys make better money then me with my bachelors degree….”
– by titanicx

“Do they somehow make the water themselves?” 
– anon

“TIL I should have been a Waterboy. F*ck.” 
by SoberDan89

“I’m definitely in the wrong line of business” 
by lennardusprime

“I seriously should be a water boy. That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun and a lot more than I make working my ass off in the Valley of the Retired.” 
by Drum_Stick_Ninja

A lot of them expressed how they should have been just a waterboy instead of pursuing their careers. They also praised it for being a higher-paying job than any of the jobs that require people to work harder. Plus, they get to be close with the teams they have been idolizing for so long. 

Final Words

Waterboys have been existing in sports ever since 1869. You may imagine that being a waterboy is boring and frightening, but being one gives you the privilege to move around with an NFL franchise. Plus, waterboys give water to the players to keep them hydrated, and so the players need them. What do you think? Is this a reasonable enough job for you? What can you say about the salary? Is it worth it? Comment what you think! 

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