Darnell Dockett Reminds Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron Sharing Is Caring

Darnell Dockett would like to take a moment to remind Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron that sharing is caring.

………. pic.twitter.com/GqumIFjCUh

— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) May 1, 2014

Let’s turn to Urban Dictionary for what Dockett means here:

This term is use to describe a form of recreational social and sexual intercourse between consenting adults. Commonly consisting of male/female (or male/male) couples meeting with other males for sex and ongoing intimacy. It is simply being open about you sexual feelings and being adventurous about it; keeping the homies happy!

There you have it. All Dockett wants is for Webb and McCarron to keep the homies happy.

[TD Daily]

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