Rickie Fowler’s Instagram Shows Exactly Why He Doesn’t Need A Girlfriend

Rickie Fowler is in the process of making a serious run at the PGA Championship. While watching him play some of the best golf of his life, we started to wonder who his main squeeze was. As it turns out, we found nothing. He dated Alexandra Browne a couple years ago, and some people think he still is, but nothing has been confirmed. And if he is actually dating her, she isn’t in any of his Instagram pictures, which is odd.

You may think that Fowler is lonely. You’d be wrong and his Instagram account with 1,000+ posts would be the proof. Below are some of the better examples of why Rickie Fowler doesn’t need a girlfriend.

Why just one?

Red Bull girls love him

His Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

He practices on a boat

He’s got a pretty cool Momma

And a pretty cool little sister

He’s a fan of the young and old

He’s got good friends around him

And good fans

He spends his money on himself

He has plenty of company

He doesn’t give a f*ck

More whips

He has a great support system

He has other hobbies

Seriously. Whips.

Has girlfriends in commercials. Good enough.

Friends and private jets

And private helicopters and castles

In conclusion, it’s clear that Rickie Fowler doesn’t need a girlfriend because he is having way too much fun.

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