Dan Mullen Talks Florida Gators, Mississippi State Jobs During Radio Interview

Dan Mullen is currently the man of the hour. But that wasn’t always the case.

While Mullen was helping coach Florida to two national championships under Urban Meyer, some fans within the Gator Nation were calling for him to be fired. Mullen hasn’t forgotten that.

Even at Mississippi State, where Mullen has worked a miracle by turning the downtrodden program into the No. 1 team in the nation, there were times before this season when Bulldog fans wanted a change. Mullen hasn’t forgotten that, either.

On Thursday, he joined “Head to Head” radio for an interview, where he shared his thoughts on Florida fans campaigning for him to be the Gators’ next head coach, as well as his love for Mississippi State.

“I coached at Florida, and I remember they wanted to fire Dan Mullen” he said. “I know there was a website here at Mississippi State to fire Dan Mullen last year. Now, there’s probably one to keep me here. Here’s my take on it: One, both my kids are born here. I love Mississippi State. I’ve loved being here. I love the community. I love the state. I have a great administration. They’ve given us what we need to build a successful program. I think we’ve built that program. We love being here. That’s No. 1.”

“All this other stuff, and this isn’t just me, this is in general: I know Will Muschamp is a really good football coach. I know a lot of coaches on the staff are good football coaches, and other places around the country. The shame of it is there are a lot of coaches that are making a lot of sacrifices. They don’t see their family at this time of year. They’re staying away, they’re working, giving their university everything they have. There are a lot of players out there working on the field to give everything they have. It’s really awful, in any way, that people do that, especially now, when everybody’s working so hard to do the best they can.”

“It’s really an insult to coaches and to players at institutions. Whether they’re putting websites out to hire you or fire you or do all these different things, I don’t think that does any good for anybody. At the end of every season, there are coaching changes, but people put so much in. You’re so committed, yourself, your family, your team, everybody’s so committed, that I think it’s insulting to the job everybody does. I know there are fans that like that stuff, I don’t think that stuff is great. People can have their opinions and call in on shows, but to take it that far, I don’t think it’s good for anybody on either side of the fence.”

“I remember last year, supposedly, I’m on the hot seat and I need to get run out of town. Now, ‘Never leave.’ You go from ‘Don’t ever leave us,’ to ‘We need to fire this bum,’ to ‘Don’t ever leave us.’ We put so much in, the coaches and players and families are so invested. Everybody wants to win. Everybody’s giving their best effort out there. Fans are entitled to their opinion, and they get that stuff and put that stuff out there, but they need to know I’ve never met a coach that’s not going to give everything he has. You should respect and appreciate how much everybody in every program puts in to what’s going on on the field.”

To listen to Mullen’s interview, visit SuperTalk.com.

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