Will Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Fire Mike Smith?

Another Sunday, another face-palming loss for the 2-6 Atlanta Falcons. This time, they blew a 21-point lead, falling to the Detroit Lions, 22-21, at Wembley Stadium in London. It was the largest blown lead in Atlanta Falcons history.

Even before the collapse against the Lions, head coach Mike Smith was on the hot seat. After a fan snapped this photo of owner Arthur Blank giving Smith the stink eye on the sideline during Sunday’s loss, you have to think his walking papers are coming soon.

mike smith hot seat getting hotter pic.twitter.com/Lx11qukBjA

— Toruk Makto (@watersdry) October 26, 2014

Of course, this wasn’t the only tweet wondering whether or not Blank was going to fire Smith.

Who goes first: Mike Smith or Will Muschamp? — Alex Haddon (@SECblog) October 26, 2014

Fire Cutter at London Airport, Fire Smith at Atl Airport, Fire Nolan at Falcon Facility. #MikeSmith #AtlantaFalcons

— Wallace(B Rock)Taylo (@Breakdown85) October 26, 2014

The Atlanta Falcons are now labelled as an Extremely Dangerous Carbon Footprint. #MikeSmith #ATLvsDET pic.twitter.com/sExSJGiRk7 — Fistful Of Doom (@fistfulofdoom) October 26, 2014

Dead man walking..or squatting. #MikeSmith blows 21 point lead. #Falcons pic.twitter.com/9CuKnGxLgY

— SonnyDay (@rdelaune) October 26, 2014

#ArthurBlank sign him asap.. #RiseUp #AtlantaFalcons #FireMikeSmith #FireThomasDimitroff #DETvsATL pic.twitter.com/TVJf2qVKyC — IG: Shawn_ATLien86 (@Shawn_ATLien86) October 26, 2014

#FireMikeSmith @GetMikeSmithOut @Atlanta_Falcons #Falcons our coach ladies and gents. #trash pic.twitter.com/85kXjZhQuf

— Steven Pike (@6guns) October 26, 2014

Enough is enough! #FireMikeSmith @Atlanta_Falcons #Falcons pic.twitter.com/TAbTJqL0bx — Victor Flores (@Sir_Vic) October 26, 2014

Kmsl.. #FireMikeSmith.. #GoodPic lol.. #SoTrue.. ! #Stolen.. pic.twitter.com/qJbUmPQMsL

— DaShawn Rumph (@D0MiNaNTBaNdZ) October 19, 2014

@GetMikeSmithOut #FireMikeSmith pic.twitter.com/ihabbeOvA6 — Smorgas Borgnine (@SmorgasBorgnine) October 26, 2014

Not even #TonyRomo could have pulled off what #MikeSmith and the #Falcons just did. #Lions #TSN690

— Moe Khan (@MoeKhan19) October 26, 2014

He does have at least one supporter, though. 

Also #MikeSmith is my favorite coach in the #NFL because he looks like the world’s nicest dad. @Atlanta_Falcons — victoria catherine (@tori_c_t) October 26, 2014

Solid reasoning.

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