These Hugh Freeze-Florida Gators Rumors Are Entertaining

It’s Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Which means it’s a slow news day. Which means the rumor mill has started churning pretty heavily. Which means fake news has risen to the surface just waiting to be skimmed off the top.

For Florida Gators fans said rumor mill was working overtime on, what else, the coaching witch hunt, er, search. And the apple of Tuesday Twitter’s eye was Mr. Hugh Freeze.

Apparently Freeze’s name was mentioned on a recruiting board, and from there it was off to the races. So, Hugh Freeze, come on down; you’re the next contestant on the UF coaching search’s speculative hires list that’s expertly used to fill a slow news day.

Hugh Freeze is a great recruiter (I think) but idk about coach

— I don’t want Dabo (@gatorskickass) November 25, 2014

So there you have it for the Freeze Warning (h/t the last tweet). Can’t wait to see the next name to surface. This is fun.

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