Mark Richt Laughs Off Nebraska Cornhuskers Talk

After seven seasons at the helm, the Nebraska Cornhuskers fired head coach Bo Pelini on Sunday. It came as a surprise to many around the country. Pelini had never lost more than nine games in a season, which is success that some programs would dream to have. He also never won more than 10 games, had a very subpar record against ranked opponents, and could never quite get the Huskers over the championship hump.

Immediately after Pelini was let go, names began to surface as possible replacements, one of them being Georgia head coach Mark Richt.

On his radio show Monday, Richt addressed that talk, laughing it off before it even had a chance to actually materialize.

Mark Richt on his radio show laughed off a question about the Nebraska job, said Georgia was his home and where he wants to be.

— Seth Emerson (@SethEmerson) December 2, 2014

Richt shooting down a potential move to Nebraska doesn’t come as a surprise. Of all the coaches and jobs in the country, there are very few, if any, that seem more suited for one another than Richt and Georgia.

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