Steve Spurrier Throws East Carolina Shade At Big Ten

Steve Spurrier capped off “talking season” on Sunday by throwing some East Carolina shade at the Big Ten. When discussing future scheduling with reporters, and the idea that power conference teams should only schedule out-of-conference games against the “Big 5,” Spurrier used the Gamecocks’ contest against the Pirates to put things into perspective.

“Playing East Carolina is a lot tougher game than maybe picking up one of those bottom Big Ten teams, and a lot of fans around here would rather see a team that’s close by.”

Considering the bottom tier of the Big Ten consists of schools such as Indiana, Illinois, and Purdue, the Head Ball Coach may not be too far off with his comment. Combined with the fact that it’s an easier game for opposing fans to travel to, and Spurrier has a point.

East Carolina may not be a power conference school, but a matchup against the Pirates will likely provide a better atmosphere on a competition level close to any cellar-dweller from the “Big 5.”

Who would you rather see South Carolina play?




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