ClickHole’s Edit Of The LeBron James Essay Is A Work Of Pure Genius

If you’re not familiar with ClickHole, first let me say: click this link and I’ll see you in an hour. It’s cool, I’ll wait …

<checks email>

<plays Luis Suarez video game>

<watches Ron Swanson supercut on Youtube>

… and welcome back. Now that you’ve met The Onion’s fantastically addictive BuzzFeed-esque site, here’s how it relates to today’s sports news: the savants at ClickHole parsed LeBron James’ SI letter like an academic essay.

There’s red scribble, positive feedback, diction and syntax edits – the whole megillah. Simply put: it’s genius. The revised edition is below (click for a larger version). Enjoy!



Putting in a request for a retroactive grading of Dan Gilbert’s 2010 bon voyage letter.

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