So Penn State Really Sent A Season Ticket Renewal Letter To Jerry Sandusky

Tell me this is some cruel joke. I get that mistakes happen, and that Penn State is probably mailing out, oh, probably 50,000 of these season ticket renewal notices, but holy geez, man. Sending one to Jerry Sandusky?

According to Onward State, the parcel was received by documentarian John Ziegler. Onward State crossed out the address on the photo above before posting on the Internet, but confirms the mailing address belongs to Sandusky’s wife Dottie.

Shouldn’t all things “Sandusky” coming out of PSU be red-flagged? Whether it’s Gerald A., shipping something to Ohio, or making a Tommy Boy reference – if that sucker dovetails with “Sandusky,” stop, drop and roll. Control+F. It’s a helluva tool.


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