Gators Stand Behind FSU In The Wake Of Tragedy

Thursday morning struck the Florida panhandle with a heavy hand. A gunman attacked Florida State University, injuring two students and one school employee before being gunned down outside of Strozier Library. Fortunately, the man who committed the heinous crime appears to be the only fatality that will come from this event.

Though I graduated from the University of Florida, I’ve spent plenty of time in Tallahassee – even living there for a summer while I worked and took classes. And while this tragic event didn’t directly impact my alma mater, it strongly affected the people whom I grew up with – family members and some of my closest friends.

Gators and Seminoles may attend different schools, but we all generally come from the same background. And while the Florida-FSU rivalry spews hatred on the field, off of it we share the same happy hours, boating trips and family reunions.

In a sense we are one large extended family, and that much could be seen throughout social media following the terrifying incident. The University of Florida made a strong statement that “We are all FSU” on Thursday morning, while Gator fans poured out their support on every platform available. Following is a sample of the rallying cry between the rivals.

Twitter Reactions

I’m not one for rivalry in the 1st place, but it’s so nice to see Gators sending so much love & support to FSU. FSU you’re in our prayers

— Dragana Tabaković (@SrceMoje) November 20, 2014

[Thanks to Buzzfeed for Yik Yak screen shots]

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