Kentucky Fan Not Picky About Which Harrison Twin She’ll Marry

Fans in the Bluegrass State are in love with the Kentucky Wildcats this season. And according to one fan, it doesn’t matter which member of the team they are giving their loving to.

Friday, during open practice for Saturday’s final four matchup with Wisconsin, one fan of Big Blue Nation was quick to drop a marriage proposal on one of the two Harrison twins on the squad. Except, she wasn’t too picky:

This could work out for the twins. When she gets annoying or starts complaining about the socks being left on the floor, the other one can step in with fresh ears. Think about it, Aaron and Andrew.

It should be noted this isn’t the first proposal the two have gotten. Famed jock sniffer and former porn star Lisa Ann has also thrown her hat (and who knows what else) into the ring for their love:

I’m doing some March Madness events and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to refrain from the twins. Do you think I’d be banned from the school altogether if I was inappropriate? Those Harrison twins are just so beautiful.

[Louisville Sun Times]

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