A list of 33 events since Georgia won its 1980 national championship

On January 1, 1981 the Georgia Bulldogs defeated Notre Dame, 17-10, in the Sugar Bowl. After finishing the season undefeated, the Dawgs were named college football’s national champions for the 1980 season.

Speaking to a Georgia fan, you would hardly know that the school’s last football title came 32 years ago. Georgia fans will regale you with tales of Herschel’s magical freshman season, when he out-dueled Heisman winner George Rogers. They’ll recite Larry Munson’s “Run, Lindsay, Run” call verbatim, guffawing over Munson breaking his chair. Georgia’s faithful speak of Buck Belue like he’s still quarterbacking the team, not co-hosting an afternoon sports talks show.

Yes, Dawgs fans live in a time warp, still remembering the glory days. The thing is, a lot has happened since 1980. The world is a different place. Far be it from me to snap fans out of their Walter Mitty fantasies, but at some point people need to come back to the present. So, for all the Georgia fans living in the past, here are 33 events to commemorate the last 33 seasons (including 2013) of title drought. I imagine it may feel something like this.

  1. There were no reported cases of AIDS when UGA last won.
  2. Michael Jackson was alive and had not yet released the Thriller album.
  3. Forget a black president, a black quarterback hadn’t played in the Super Bowl.
  4. The Berlin Wall was still standing.
  5. Nelson Mandela was still imprisoned.
  6. The United States had yet to go to war in Iraq (the first time).
  7. Four Star Wars films have been made since UGA’s last title.
  8. Indiana Jones and E.T. didn’t yet exist.
  9. Wreckage from the Titanic had not yet been discovered.
    1. MTV did not play videos because it didn’t exist.
  10. Post-it notes had not yet been invented.
  11. Neither had CDs.
  12. Michael Jordan’s entire basketball career (college and pro) happened after the title.
  13. Jack Nicklaus won three more majors after UGA’s title.
  14. Madonna had yet to introduce herself to the world.
  15. Prince Charles and Diana hadn’t married.
  16. Mount St. Helens was still a mountain, not a volcano.
  17. The Simpsons were still a decade from debuting (there are now 534 episodes and counting).
  18. Forget iPad or iPhone, Apple had not even invented the Macintosh (or its predecessor the Apple Lisa).
  19. Five NASA space shuttles were built; 2 crashed.
  20. The Soviet Union still existed during Georgia’s championship season.
  21. The attack on 9/11 was 20 years away.
  22. There was no PG-13 MPAA rating.
  23. 38 countries have gained sovereignty since UGA’s last title.
  24. Mark Zuckerberg had not been born. Today there are over 1 Billion people on Facebook.
  25. There were no holes in the Ozone layer when UGA won it’s title.
  26. Florida leads the rivalry 30-12 since the Dawgs championship.
  27. UF has three football championships and two Heisman winners since Georgia’s title.
  28. Mark Richt was the backup quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes.
  29. Steve Spurrier had not yet coined “The Swamp.”
  30. The SEC has won 14 football National Championships since UGA last won a title.
  31. The World Wide Web was made public.
  32. UF has won two basketball national championships.

If this all seems scary, Dawgs fans, take a deep breath. As far as football seasons go, every year since ’80 has been pretty much the same. At least you have some consistency.

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