Photo of Larry David, Nelly sitting court-side at Knicks game is mesmerizing

The following picture of Larry David at a New York Knicks game is, well, very layered.

Here are ten takeaways from a very strange photo:

  1. Is that “Pimp Juice,” “Kangaroo Jack,” some girl, Doug from the “Hangover” and Larry from “Curb Your Enthusiasm?”
  2. That really is Nelly, Anthony Anderson, some girl, Justin Bartha and Larry David.
  3. From left to right, the mood gets less happy.
  4. The three white folks are crossing their legs; the two black dudes aren’t.
  5. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes: Nelly has a lot of gold.
  6. Larry David is waiting until later in the game to yell at the child behind him.
  7. Nelly and Anthony Anderson don’t use cell phone cases.
  8. Larry David wears tall socks.
  9. Alec Baldwin from 20 years in the future gets worse seats than the boring guy in “The Hangover.”
  10. Larry David may be pissed off because Doug from “The Hangover” is farting on him.

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