Photo: Ukrainian soccer fans dress up in KKK outfits outside of opponent’s bus

A group of Ukrainian soccer fans dressed up in Ku Klux Klan outfits and lined up in front of the bus of Shakhtar – a rival club that features several black players on its roster.

Ukrainian #football fans dress up as KKK members in front of bus for Shakhtar, club with many black players:

— James Ellingworth (@jellingworth) November 5, 2013

James Ellingworth, a sports correspondent for RIA Novosti/R-Sport in Moscow, explains that these individuals likely decided to wear KKK gear and fly a Confederate flag because any use of Nazi paraphernalia is illegal in the Ukraine.

@Marmarescobar They know. It’s calculated to cause offense. I presume they chose KKK outfits because displaying Nazi symbols illegal there.

— James Ellingworth (@jellingworth) November 5, 2013

I presume the idiots with the KKK gear chose that to 1) hide identity 2) because Nazi symbols illegal in Ukraine. So cowards & idiots.

— James Ellingworth (@jellingworth) November 5, 2013

It’s disturbing to think that in 2013 the world is still dealing with acts like this.

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