Video: Buffalo Bills fan falls from upper deck during game against Jets

During Sunday’s Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game, a Bills fan fell from the upper deck of the stadium. According to YNN, the man fell on a fan in the stands below him.

As of writing there is no word on either of the fans’ conditions.

Following is a video of the fan falling, courtesy of Austin Kord. You can see him sliding down the railing before tipping over backwards.

The Bills would top the Jets, 37-14, for a huge win in the AFC East.

*UPDATE* Here’s another look at the fan falling.

*UPDATE* According to the Huffington Post, both men were taken to the hospital as a precaution. An ambulance report stated that the man who fell suffered a shoulder injury, while the man who was landed on suffered a head injury.

Following is a photo of the man who fell being carted off.

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