Jimbo Fisher Growing Frustrated With Questions About FSU’s Uniforms

For decades now, the uniform of the Florida State Seminoles has been one of the most recognizable and favorite in all of college football. While others schools across the country have thousands of color combinations, helmets and jerseys (looking at you, Oregon), the Seminoles have pretty much kept the same look … minus one change in 2009 when the team wore black helmets for a win over Maryland.

When the team switched the look of its jersey before the 2014 season, a black jersey was unveiled along with a garnet helmet that had a gold face mask (as well as the traditional gold helmet with a gold face mask). Since then, fans have been wondering out loud when these threads and lids would be worn.

Head coach Jimbo Fisher has been adamant about liking the traditional look and being hesitant to change it. During Wednesday’s call-in show, Fisher responded with a little bit of frustration when yet another fan called in to ask about a uniform change:

Change is good in a lot of areas, but some things like FSU’s uniforms should stay the same.

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