Photos: Hawaii’s throwback Rainbow Warriors uniforms for San Diego State game

Prior to the kickoff of the 2013 college football season, Hawaii announced that it would be bringing the “Rainbows” back – as in, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

Former coach June Jones (now at SMU) spearheaded the name drop in 2000. The team simply became known as the Hawaii Warriors, and a unique identity was lost in the process.

That’s no longer the case, folks.

On Tuesday we found out that Hawaii would be rolling out a set of slick throwback uniforms for the team’s Nov. 16 game against San Diego State.

The main feature of the Under Armour uniforms are, of course, the rainbow coloring on both shoulders.

Following are a handful of photos, courtesy of Hawaii and Under Armour (via Uniform Critics).







Here’s a photo of very similar jerseys worn by the Rainbow Warriors in 1959.


In all honesty, we wouldn’t mind seeing this look more often.

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