Metta World Peace’s New Panda Shoes Are The Most Bizarre Shoes Ever

Typically a basketball shoe with detachable pandas would be shocking, but not when it’s Metta World Peace behind them. “The Panda’s Friend” has unveiled a new set of kicks, which will come in two different colors – black and white – and feature a panda head and arms where the top of the tongue is.

According to Courtside Access, Metta World Peace – now a member of the Sichuan Blue Wales of the Chinese Basketball Association – will use his new kicks to, well, make new friends.

“…before every game, I will be wearing the white or black shoes. The top part of the shoe has a panda on it…it is removable. I will be throwing it to a friend in the crowd. The person who catches it will be the Panda’s Friend of the day.”

Craziest idea for shoes ever? Craziest idea for shoes ever.


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