Nick Saban’s wife confirmed to be house hunting in Austin, Texas

The legions of supporters of both the Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimson Tide are all spending their Hump Day prior to Week 9 of the 2013 season wondering the same thing: What was Nick Saban’s wife doing house hunting in Austin?

With Mack Brown’s highly publicized inability to lead Texas back to the elite, it’s apparent that the program is already looking for his replacement. Any suspicions were basically confirmed when athletic director DeLoss Dodds decided to step down at year’s end.

Inside Texas blogger Jesus Shuttleworth has been out in front of nearly every major story concerning Texas, Brown, and Dodds. He also broke news that the Longhorns have reached out to Nick Saban’s representatives. Now Shuttleworh is reporting that Saban’s wife, Terry, was in Austin looking at homes in early October.

Burnt Orange Nation’s Michael Pelech was listening to ESPN’s Spanning the Loeb, who addressed the story.

Alex Loeb who hosts the afternoon show on 104.9 in Austin with Sean Adams was saying how there was the Wallace Hall reaching out to Saban’s agent story…then a few weeks ago there were reports that were pretty detailed about Terry Saban househunting in Austin, and that the report had a realtor’s name and dollar figures and neighborhoods … and that he did some digging with people he trusts and that the report was completely true.

Loeb’s report concurred that Terry Saban was merely in Austin looking for a “vacation home.”

In fact, ESPN Austin’s Erin Hogan is also confirming these rumors. He has a source inside Travis County’s sheriff’s office who claims to have helped with Mrs. Saban’s security.

This brings us right back to the beginning. Saban makes more than $5 million each year. He can afford to buy his family a vacation home anywhere in the nation, or the world, for that matter.

So, why Austin? Is Saban sending a message?

Did he send Terry to Austin as a scare tactic? Is he shaking down ‘Bama boosters to increase his contract?

Or maybe Nick Saban just loves Austin, Texas. It is a beautiful city.

What if Terry, who is a licensed real estate agent, was simply on a business trip.

The only thing we do know, right now, is that we know absolutely nothing.

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