Video: Man Squares Off Against Bull With Flaming Horns

The early front runner for this year’s Darwin Award has to be this moron who decided taking on a bull wasn’t risky enough, better give it some flaming horns too. The bull doesn’t seem too interested in destroying him at first but this idiot decides to remedy that by throwing a handful of dirt in his face. Check out the ensuing devastation.

Pro tip: Bulls can climb stairs. Apparently, they can do it faster than humans, too.

It’s unclear from the video if this is related to the running of the bulls which is currently taking place in Spain from July 6th through the 14th but I would imagine it was part of the inspiration for attempting this stunt. I’m not sure what exactly little show was attempting to accomplish but I doubt this was it this guy’s death.

“I’ll take one goring with a side of second degree burns. Yes, that will complete my order.”

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