Australian Group “How Ridiculous” Breaks Guinness World Record For Tallest Basketball Shot

Ever since YouTube took over what seems like 90 percent of our daily lives with mind-numbingly hilarious and addictive videos, society has adapted to become more starved for fame than ever before.

The world of sports changed as well. High school recruits started putting highlight reels up on the internet. All of the sudden we were able to see backflips while catching footballs or major league outfielders committing blooper after blooper. But one of the most obvious results has been the basketball trick shot.

It seems like everyone has tried to record themselves sinking that once-in-a-lifetime bucket just to throw it up on YouTube and get as many views as possible — praying for the video to go viral.

It’s more than just amateur hour for some. In fact, there’s one group who has consistently turned basketball trick shots into an art form. The Australian group “How Ridiculous” has broken the Guinness World Record for greatest height on a basketball shot before at 66.89 meters, but that was in 2011. In 2013, they bumped it up to 91.1 meters.

Well now it’s 2015, and the time has come for them to do it again. Check out their record-breaking shot from 140 meters (459 feet). That’s basically a 46-storey building.

Now that is talent — maybe not LeBron James or Kobe Bryant like — but it is talent nevertheless.

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