Daniel Tosh Eviscerates ESPN For Ripping Off His Bit

What you’re about to watch is a clinic given by Daniel Tosh and delivered to ESPN. It’s an education on plagiarism. It’s a lesson on why you should stay away from comedians’ intellectual property. And best of all, it’s a guide book on how, if you are going to rip somebody off, to at least make the final product absurdly funny.

Apparently somewhere along the way ESPN hired Carlos Mencia to write lift material for them, because the Worldwide Leader recently ran a segment that was terribly similar to the “Web Redemption” bits on Tosh.0 (right down to the host’s catchphrase). So, in retaliation, Tosh decided to turn around and create SportsScience.0.

Did you know that ESPN’s 72 personalities with no personality can exert enough force to somehow climb into the NFL’s asshole? That’s just one of the many fun facts in Tosh’s demolition project below.

Warning: Some NSFW Language.

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