FSU Fan’s Sign Trolling Mark May Wins College GameDay

If you didn’t catch ESPN’s College GameDay: 1) tighten up and 2) you missed this supreme troll job comparing Mark May’s arrest record to Jameis Winston’s.

The gent holding that sign goes by the Twitter handle of @DJCURTI5 and, judging from his timeline, dude went through one epic journey to make it onto national TV.









And then payday.


Not only did dude make it on TV, he nailed the tailgate cooking segment when there was no other sign competition. Basically: the most opportune moment a person with a trolling sign could ever choose.

From the creativity, to the target (one of ESPN’s biggest blowhards), to the persistence, to the execution: it was a masterful performance.

Even better, Curtis called his shot 24 hours prior.


Legend status.

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