Anthony Jennings Receives Disturbing Death Threats, Heavy Criticism After LSU Loss

The SEC has a passionate fan base, to say the least. You’ll witness that when your quarterback can’t put anything together against a team that hasn’t won a conference game in the last 17 tries. Just ask LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings.

Jennings was tasked with having to take his Tigers into Razorback Stadium and give them a bounce back win after their OT loss to Alabama. Unfortunately, the sophomore slinger had a harder time than anticipated with the Razorback defense, completing 12-of-22 passes for 87 yards. Things were bad enough that the Tigers couldn’t even put points on the board, losing 17-0.

Since college football fans are known for being the most level-headed and understanding individuals around, it wasn’t surprising how fast the death threats and criticism started rolling in from Twitter.

Be a real leader and give your starting job to Brandon Harris you garbage ass bum! @JENNINGSWINNING

— Jordan ♕ (@JordanTheKiiNG) November 16, 2014

Post game interview with @JENNINGSWINNING — λυstin Michαel (@IAmAustinMurphy) November 16, 2014

@JENNINGSWINNING can you change your Twitter name to something other than winning and learn how to be an sec quarterback?

— Taylor Gross (@_TRaww3) November 16, 2014

You dead @JENNINGSWINNING — Homer Andretti (@BoobieMarley) November 16, 2014

@JENNINGSWINNING worst QB in LSU history

— J Bone (@JDbone79) November 16, 2014

You dead @JENNINGSWINNING — Homer Andretti (@BoobieMarley) November 16, 2014

Anthony Jennings is the worst football player of all time and I seen Cade Foster, Jordan Jefferson, & Jeff Driskel play football.

— Cards 8-1 (@DVontel) November 16, 2014

@JENNINGSWINNING Where’s your location at I wanna fight? — Fuck The Bengals 4-5 (@KingMakaveli337) November 16, 2014

Me and Anthony Jennings after the game

— D/\NIEL (@dan_simonson) November 16, 2014

-1 yard of offense in the first quarter is the most Anthony Jennings thing I’ve ever heard of — The LSU Logo (@LSU_Logo) November 16, 2014

Keep it classy, Tiger Nation.

*UPDATE* Level-headed Tiger fans make a strong stand for Anthony Jennings on Twitter after quarterback was bombarded with harsh criticism.


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