Meet Aaron Murray’s new girlfriend: Kacie McDonnell

Move over Johnny Manziel and AJ McCarron, it’s Aaron Murray’s turn to show off his smoke-show girlfriend. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kacie McDonnell.

If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she used to date Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder while he was slinging the pigskin at Florida State. Now Ponder is married to sideline reporter Sam, while McDonnell has found herself a more decorated (college) quarterback in Murray.

McDonnell is currently a reporter in Philly. Apparently, Murray was tired of the hot Georgia girls running around Athens – which we didn’t even know was possible.

On Saturday, Murray posted the following photo of him and McDonnell to his Instagram account with the line: “So excited this girl got to make her first trip to Athens this weekend @kaciemcdonnell. About to be a great bday night.”

Following are a handful more photos of the SEC’s newest WAG, courtesy of McDonnell’s Instagram account.

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